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Gitbase Web

Application to query Git repositories using SQL. Powered by gitbase, it allows to perform SQL queries on the Git history and the Universal AST of the code itself.



With Docker Compose

The easiest way to run Gitbase Web and its dependencies is using Docker Compose.

The first step is to populate a directory with some Git repositories to be served by gitbase before running it. For example:

$ mkdir $HOME/repos
$ cd $HOME/repos
$ git clone
$ git clone
$ git clone

Next you will need to download the docker-compose.yml file from this repository and run docker-compose. This tool will run three different containers: the gitbase-web frontend itself, gitbase, and bblfshd. To kill the running containers use Ctrl+C.

$ wget
$ docker-compose pull
$ GITBASEPG_REPOS_FOLDER=$HOME/repos docker-compose up --force-recreate

The server should be now available at http://localhost:8080.

In case there are any containers left, you can use

docker-compose down

for cleanup.

Without Docker Compose

The application will run the queries against a gitbase server, and will request UASTs to a bblfsh server. Make sure both are properly configured.

Then you can choose to run the web client either as a docker container, or as a binary.

As a Docker

$ docker pull srcd/gitbase-web:latest
$ docker run -d \
    --publish 8080:8080 \
    --env GITBASEPG_DB_CONNECTION="root@tcp(<gitbase-ip>:3306)/none" \
    --env GITBASEPG_BBLFSH_SERVER_URL="<bblfshd-ip>:9432" \

As a Binary

Download the binary from our releases section, and run it:

$ export GITBASEPG_DB_CONNECTION="root@tcp(<gitbase-ip>:3306)/none"
$ export GITBASEPG_BBLFSH_SERVER_URL="<bblfshd-ip>:9432"
$ ./gitbase-web serve


Any of the previous execution methods accept configuration through the following environment variables or CLI arguments.

Variable Argument Default value Meaning
GITBASEPG_HOST --host IP address to bind the HTTP server
GITBASEPG_PORT --port 8080 Port to bind the HTTP server
GITBASEPG_SERVER_URL --server URL used to access the application in the form HOSTNAME[:PORT]. Leave it unset to allow connections from any proxy or public address
GITBASEPG_DB_CONNECTION --db root@tcp(localhost:3306)/none?maxAllowedPacket=4194304 gitbase connection string. Use the DSN (Data Source Name) format described in the Go MySQL Driver docs.
GITBASEPG_BBLFSH_SERVER_URL --bblfsh Address where bblfsh server is listening
GITBASEPG_SELECT_LIMIT --select-limit 100 Default LIMIT forced on all the SQL queries done from the UI. Set it to 0 to remove any limit
GITBASEPG_FOOTER_HTML --footer Allows to add any custom html to the page footer. It must be a string encoded in base64. Use it, for example, to add your analytics tracking code snippet
LOG_LEVEL --log-level= info Logging level (info, debug, warning or error)
LOG_FORMAT --log-format= log format (text or json), defaults to text on a terminal and json otherwise
LOG_FIELDS --log-fields= default fields for the logger, specified in json
LOG_FORCE_FORMAT --log-force-format ignore if it is running on a terminal or not


Contributions are more than welcome, if you are interested please take a look to our Contributing Guidelines. There you will also find information on how to build and run the project from sources.

Code of Conduct

All activities under source{d} projects are governed by the source{d} code of conduct.


GPL v3.0, see LICENSE