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source{d} Graphic Design Guide


To capacitate and empower source{d} team members and our community.

Brave from Disney's Brave movie.


To continually create and foster a design culture of shared ownership.



Acknowledging who’s listening and reasoning what to say is our design cornerstone. Our community is very particular in its ways and traits, and so are we. We welcome the work there is to be done to win our people over, time and time again.

People change, and the community serving them at the same time. Even though it’s important to be reactive to change, it’s even more important to change proactively. Our community shapes us as we help to shape the community.


Our quest is not driven by one-off design achievements. We strive to build collective momentum, gathering input from the community with all its particularities to help set standards for collaborative accomplishment. Our way of doing things spawns consistent decisions and empowers others to do the same.

Any given day to us is an opportunity to embed design literacy among the team at every level of the business and spread it further among our community and establish it as an ongoing and long-term endeavour. Although we work in sprints, in reality we know they are small segments of a longer marathon.


We deeply believe in co-creation. The same way we foster openness by producing open source software and opening up our culture (see our guide), we must do so by bringing our community in. Our pathway towards innovation is not to share our evolution, but rather to evolve together with the community one step at a time.

This is only possible however if we are open to our surroundings, to our community's particularities and empower people inside and outside to collaborate. We have honest attention to the group, along with extreme care on the individual. Like as in good typography, we care about our community not as a group of important people, but an important group of people, by choice.


Honest digital evolution is what we choose to learn and do. Honesty is only truly viable when the previous principles of particularity, empowerment, and openness are accomplished.


Design is genuine

Genuine design happens when we acknowledge that design without rationale is a mere aesthetic exercise. Moreover, the urge for better experiences is hinged on better people, not on better design. Bringing it all together, we genuinely praise people above all.

Design is sustainable

Design is sustainable with the emphasis of ethics over aesthetics, grounding the expression of a creative practice where design systems are crafted for the needs of the present without compromising the future.

We advocate that there’s quite a stunning and often disregarded parallel between the digital landscape and the physical one. What we have done with our physical one overtime must be a strong lesson to us all building its digital counterpart. We think twice about the life-cycle of the digital artifacts we give birth to the same way.

Design is a team sport

Design is a team sport when there is such knowledge management, its transfer, and openness within a team that it raises the standards of the critical environment. Design must capacitate everyone involved with the power to surface the value of collective truth, driving it from the birth design’s written word all the way through its visual translation and towards the experience.