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OKRs 2018 Q4

Bring 'Code as Data' to market with enterprises

Ensure gitbase interoperability with 3rd party tools [DR]

  • Drivers for in-house languages (Python, Go, Java).
  • mysqldump
  • grafana
  • Tableau
  • Drivers for other popular languages (JavaScript, Ruby, .NET, PHP).

Get gitbase enterprise ready [DR]

  • Authentication and authorization abstractions prepared for future integration with LDAP and Kerberos
  • Basic MySQL auth implementation
  • Audit logs (connections, queries)

source{d} Engine add-ons (applications) [DevRel]

Get Gemini enterprise ready [DevRel]

  • Find a better name for Gemini
  • Define messaging around gemini
  • Deliver gemini product page

Get source{d} engine on Spark enterprise ready [DevRel]

  • Find a better name
  • Define messaging around Spark connector
  • Deliver Spark integration product page

Get web interfaces enterprise ready [APPS]

  • gitbase-web SSO (protocol compatible with Google)
  • bblfsh-web SSO (protocol compatible with Google)

Gitbase research [DR]

  • Initial research on supporting updates in backing data (indexes, etc)
  • Use precomputed UASTs

Launch gitbase-spark-connector [DR]

  • Launch gitbase-spark-connector community beta version.
  • Launch gitbase-spark-connector enterprise beta version.

Release necessary language support for enterprise [LA]

  • C# driver
  • C/C++ driver

Get bblfsh ready for wide language support of our use cases [LA]

  • Finish migration to v2 for all supported client languages (JVM, Python, Go)
  • Deprecate v1
  • Fix positions in all alpha+ drivers

Have an available demo cluster [INFRA]

  • Deploy a demo cluster for 'Code as Data' that we can use for demos and 3rd parties

Define a delivery strategy for the enterprise

  • Test deployment for faux-customer [INFRA][ENG]

Get Gemini production ready [APPS]

  • Release a new version with the integration of function similarity

Improve the 'Code as Data' individual user experience

  • Move engine maintainership to apps, review code [APPS]

Launch Unified Engine Playground [DevRel]

  • Define Engine Playground experience (sandbox for srcd)
  • Launch new Engine Playground Alpha Version
  • Add metrics from playground to main dashboard
  • Define main use cases and personas for the engine

source{d} Engine awareness & use cases [DevRel]

  • Define roadmap + timeline of Engine releases
  • Identify at least 3 companies effectively using the Engine
  • Publish at least 1 case study
  • Press announcement for Engine releases 0.2 & power users
  • Define "Give me your end of year budget" campaign
  • Create enterprise workshop on Code as Data and run it at least once
  • Offer 6 companies our CodeAsData workshop and schedule at least one

Promote current source{d} stack [DevRel]

  • Develop strategy & app for the "What's in your code?" campaign
  • Develop strategy & app for the "Analyzing most popular OSS Projects" campaign
  • Write and promote blog series for each feature in the engine
  • source{d} Engine featured at 3 conferences
  • source{d} Engine featured at 3 meetups

Run beta program on source{d} Engine [DevRel]

  • Identify at least 3 users of source{d} Engine with different personas/use cases
  • Meet regularly (biweekly) with users and gather feedback

Defined unified web client [DevRel]

  • Write specifications and draft design for a unified web client (instead of gitbase + bblfsh, etc)

Improve quality across all products [INFRA][DR]

  • Regression test platform [INFRA]
  • Automated regression tests for borges [DR]
  • Automated regression tests for gitbase [DR]
  • Conduct two empathy sessions for cross-team documentation and user experience improvements [ENG][QA]

Release a new version of PGA [INFRA][APPS]

  • Incremental PGA updates [APPS]
  • Automate PGA generation [APPS][INFRA]
  • Release PGA v2 [APPS]

Bring 'Assisted Code Review' to developers in the open-source community

Get lookout production ready [APPS]

  • Extend lookout end user documentation in gitbook
  • Extend lookout developer documentation in gitbook
  • Stable Python SDK (training-aware? DD)
  • Stable Go SDK (training-aware? DD)

Promote 'Assisted Code Review' to developers in the open-source community [DevRel]

  • Prepare beta announcement with top 3 analyzers
  • Update Product webpage with description, videos, and instructions on how to use it
  • Write press release, blog post, etc
  • Plan social media strategy (twitter, reddit, hackernews ...)
  • Schedule an online meetup demoing Analyzers & show how people can build one
  • Define a strategy for analyzers promotion / Registry ?
  • Identify users after launch and partner with them

Release a production ready service

Release style analyzers [ML]

  • Launch beta formatting analyzer
  • Launch beta typos analyzer
  • Add Java or Go formatting support
  • Collect the structured diff dataset
  • Best practices analyzer PoC
  • Finalize id2vec
  • Deployment to Google Cloud [INFRA]
  • Setup monitoring [INFRA]

Any OSS project on Github is able to add lookout service (through 'Github Apps' flow) [APPS]

  • Private 'status page' of the service health
  • Automated CI/CD pipeline for production environment
  • Service deployed on a production environment
  • 2 OSS projects besides source{d} enable lookout

Store the world's source code

Improve borges archiving performance [DR]

  • Improve borges archiving average throughput by 5x

Refactor to go-borges library, to reuse borges logic in other projects (i.e. Lookout) [DR]

  • Define a public API for that library studying actual use cases

Release the production kubernetes cluster [INFRA]

  • Release of the production cluster
  • Run rovers and borges on it
  • Deploy services with HA: PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, etcd
  • Add monitoring to the pipeline (rovers, borges and associated services)
  • Migrate staging cluster to the new deployment method

Improve local-gpu cluster usability [INFRA]

  • Improve local-gpu usability for the ML team so that it can be adopted as the main ML platform instead of science-3

Being a better company to work at

Successfully hire for each open role

  • Hire a Lead engineer for the Applications team
  • Hire a Senior test engineer
  • Hire two interns in Q4 for Q1-2 for ML team
  • Attract relevant profiles through our community

Scale the hiring process

  • Use of scheduling tools for efficient communication by all interviewers
  • Each team responsible for candidates in last steps when the Talent Manager is unavailable

Increase candidate’s motivation and engagement at every interviewing step

  • Applicants reviewing time fall to 5 days in average
  • Analyse candidate's survey answers to identify bottlenecks in the process

Define DevRel Strategy/Tools [DevRel]

  • Define DevRel strategy/tools
  • Hire one more team member (Tech Writer / Advocate)
  • Hire social media intern
  • Define DevRel budget
  • Execute sponsorships / attendance strategies for Q4 & 2019
  • Decide and document responsibilities for Website content updates
  • Find & Onboard Swag vendor
  • Define a schedule of integrated campaigns for Q4 and 2019Q1
  • Improve metrics dashboard to show actionable data (MoM, YoY, QoQ)

Define PR & BD Strategy [DevRel]

  • Pitch the "What's in your code?" campaign to the press and get publication in at least 2 publications
  • Get Eiso bylines published in at least 2 publications
  • Secure at least 3 analysts briefings or demos
  • Qualify at least 1 BD led opportunity for joint announcement i.e Microsoft, GitHub / GitLab etc

Manage Read/Write Community [DevRel]

  • Decide on new blogging platform
  • Decide on new forum platform
  • Define metrics of success per social platform and decide which ones matter

Define & Setup Email Marketing strategy [DevRel]

  • Curate content and send newsletter bi-weekly
  • Newsletter reaches 300 (+100% growth) subscribers
  • Set up master drip campaign for leads
  • Write report on email performance with hindsights and recommendations

Define and Manage a Community / Sales Funnel [DevRel]

  • Refine Salesforce + Pardot MQL and SQL rules
  • GDPR compliance
  • Map and report on conversion funnel with hindsights and recommendations

Advance MLonCode awareness [DevRel]

Make source{d} the face of MLonCode [DevRel]

  • Create two lookout analyzer demos
  • Get at least 6 collaborators (talk/blog/...) from engineering team
  • Lookout featured at 3 conferences
  • Lookout featured at 3 meetups

Create an "source{d} friends" program [DevRel]

  • Define "source{d} friends" program goals & value proposition & final name
  • Identify potential members and invite them officially, get 20 to join
  • Welcome each member personally and provide some swag
  • Classify members by profile (speakers, researchers, industry/academia, event organizers, etc)
  • Create dedicated slack channel for MLonCode friends
  • Organize private briefings with members pre-launch giving them opportunity to give us feedback on prez + product and help promote the message

Make source{d} a friend of MLonCode academia [DevRel]

  • Plan participation for academic events relevant to MLonCode until 1st half of 2019
  • Decide level of involvement (attending, presenting, sponsoring, etc)
  • Organize a Lookout Analyzer Hackathon and invite researchers
  • 3 citations of source{d} datasets / tech in academia endorsed documents

Increase social engagement with MLonCode [DevRel]

  • Support and promote 3 Paper Reading Clubs
  • Make Paper Reading Club summaries publicly available (forum?)
  • Identify 20 blog posts / papers on the topic written by others, propose cross-posting to our blog/medium (awesome ml on code)
  • Identify 10 speakers at conferences talking about MLonCode, invite them for collaboration / tweet about their talks / partner with them