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@carlosms carlosms released this Aug 7, 2019

Release v0.14 of source{d} Community Edition (CE), the data platform for your software development life cycle.

The sourced binary is a wrapper for Docker Compose that downloads the docker-compose.yml file from this repository, and includes the following sub commands:

  • init: Initialize source{d} to work on local or GitHub organization datasets
    • local: Initialize source{d} to analyze local repositories
    • orgs: Initialize source{d} to analyze GitHub organizations
  • status: Show the status of all components
  • stop: Stop any running components
  • start: Start any stopped components
  • logs: Show logs from components
  • web: Open the web interface in your browser
  • sql: Open a MySQL client connected to a SQL interface for Git
  • prune: Stop and remove components and resources
  • workdirs List all working directories
  • compose: Manage source{d} docker compose files
    • download: Download docker compose files
    • list: List the downloaded docker compose files
    • set: Set the active docker compose file
  • restart: Update current installation according to the active docker compose file

Known Issues

  • On Windows, if you use sourced init local on a directory with a long path, you may encounter the following error:

    Can't find a suitable configuration file in this directory or any
    parent. Are you in the right directory?

    This is caused by the MAX_PATH limitation on windows. The only workaround is to move the target directory to a shorter path, closer to the root of your drive (#191).

  • Linux only: Docker installed from snap packages is not supported, please install it following the official documentation (#78).


For internal releases we don't support upgrading. If you have a previous sourced-ce pre-release version installed, clean up all your data before downloading this release. This will delete everything, including the UI data for dashboards, charts, users, etc:

sourced prune --all
rm -rf ~/.sourced
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