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@carlosms carlosms released this Aug 21, 2019


  • srcd/sourced-ui has been updated to v0.5.0.
  • srcd/ghsync has been updated to v0.2.0.


  • Add a monitoring of containers state while waiting for the web UI to open during initialization (#147).
  • Exclude forks by default in sourced init orgs, adding a new flag --with-forks to include them if needed (#109).


  • Refactor of the status command (#203):
    • sourced status components shows the previous output of sourced status
    • sourced status workdirs replaces sourced workdirs
    • sourced status config shows the contents of the Docker Compose environment variables. This is useful, for example, to check if the active working directory was configured to include or skip forks when downloading the data from GitHub
    • sourced status all shows all of the above


Install the new v0.15.0 binary, then run sourced compose download. If you had a deployment running, you can re-deploy the containers with sourced restart.

Please note: sourced-ui contains fixes for the default dashboard charts that will only be visible when you run sourced init local/org with a new path or organization.
If you want to apply the new default dashboards over your existing deployment, you will need to run sourced prune (or sourced prune --all) and sourced init local/org again.

Important: running prune will delete all your current data and customizations, including charts or dashboards. You can choose to not prune your existing deployments, keeping you previous default dashboards and charts.

$ sourced version
sourced version v0.15.0 build 08-21-2019_08_30_24

$ sourced compose download
Docker compose file successfully downloaded to your ~/.sourced/compose-files directory. It is now the active compose file.
To update your current installation use `sourced restart`

$ sourced status workdirs 
* src-d

$ sourced prune --all
$ sourced init orgs src-d
$ sourced init orgs bblfsh
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