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source{d} UI

Web UI for source{d} Community Edition (CE).



This repository contains the code for the srcd/sourced-ui docker image. This image is based on Apache Superset, and contains the following additions:

  • An extra tab, UAST, to explore bblfsh parsing results.
  • SQL Lab contains a modal dialog to visualize columns that contain UAST.
  • source{d} branding.
  • Loading of default dashboards on bootstrap.
  • Creation of a default user on bootstrap, admin/admin.
  • Backport an upstream fix for Hive Database connection (#21).
  • Cancel database queries on stop (#35).
  • Creates datasources for gitbase and metadata db on bootstrap

Environment Variables

You can configure the Docker image using the following environment variables:

Environment Variable Description
ADMIN_LOGIN Username for the admin user
ADMIN_FIRST_NAME First name of the admin user
ADMIN_LAST_NAME Last name of the admin user
ADMIN_EMAIL Email of the admin user
ADMIN_PASSWORD Password of the admin user
BBLFSH_WEB_HOST Hostname for bblfsh-web
BBLFSH_WEB_PORT Port for bblfsh-web
GITBASE_HOST Hostname for Gitbase
GITBASE_PORT Port for Gitbase
GITBASE_DB Database name for Gitbase
GITBASE_USER Username for Gitbase
GITBASE_PASSWORD Password for Gitbase
POSTGRES_HOST Hostname for Superset DB
POSTGRES_PORT Port for Superset DB
POSTGRES_DB Database for Superset DB
POSTGRES_USER Username for Superset DB
POSTGRES_PASSWORD Password for Superset DB
REDIS_HOST Hostname for Redis
REDIS_PORT Port for Redis
SUPERSET_ENV Environment Superset runs in production or development
SUPERSET_NO_INIT_DB Does not run the database init script if set to true
SYNC_MODE Adds metadata datasource and welcome dashboard if set to true
METADATA_HOST Hostname for metadata DB (when SYNC_MODE is set to true)
METADATA_PORT Port for metadata DB (when SYNC_MODE is set to true)
METADATA_USER Username for metadata DB (when SYNC_MODE is set to true)
METADATA_PASSWORD Password for metadata DB (when SYNC_MODE is set to true)
METADATA_DB Database name for metadata (when SYNC_MODE is set to true)


Setup local environment

Download the docker-compose.yml file from src-d/sourced-ce, and run the dependencies:

docker-compose up gitbase bblfsh-web

Update superset directory:

make patch-dev

Enter into superset directory:

cd superset

Follow original superset instructions for Flask server and Frontend assets

Build docker image

make build

The image name is defined in the Makefile.

Work with superset upstream

Superset version which we are based on is defined in Makefile.

To see which files are patched compare to upstream, run:

make diff-stat

To see diff with upstream, run:

make diff


Contributions are more than welcome, if you are interested please take a look to our source{d} Contributing Guidelines.

Code of Conduct

All activities under source{d} projects are governed by the source{d} code of conduct.


Apache License Version 2.0, see LICENSE.

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