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[src-run] darker-library



The darker-library provides a light-weight collection of bash functions with the intention of providing a foundation for small-scale shell scripts. For example, it provides helpful implementations for output handling (info, success, error, warning implementations) as well as much more.


This package represents a single project within a large collection of open-source code released under the src-run namespace, including framework-agnostic libraries, Symfony Framework bundles, and much more. All of these projects are primarily authored and maintained by Rob Frawley 2nd for use in his professional endevours as President of Source Consulting. You may also find others involved with a project by visiting the GitHub collaborators web page for the repository.


Issues, Requests, etc.

To report issues or make a feature request, use GitHub's issue tracker. Be sure to include as much detail as possible in your report. For example, to aid in a quick resolution, consider providing me with your operating system, the version exibiting issue (release/tag/sha-commit/etc), the version of the interpreter required for the project (bash/php/ruby/etc), and any other enviornment information you think may provide useful context to your report.

While I (robfrawley) make every attempt to respond in a reasonable amount of time, generally less than 48 hours, in practice this may not always be the case. Perhaps the notification GitHub sent to my e-mail got lost in the cracks, or I've taken a few days vacations and have intentionally gone off the grid, or something else. The one thing I can guarentee to you is that I am not ignoring the report.

With that in mind, after 72 hours of no response, please feel free to "ping" me using one of the following methods:

  • Post a short follow-up comment on your original (unanswered) GitHub issue. You can simply type the word "ping" or "bump" in the new comment (unless you prefer being more creative with your language).
  • Reach out directly by e-mailing ([]. Provide the project name and issue number as reference within the e-mail.
  • Lastly, you should be able to always find me on IRC (Freenode network) using the handle rmf. I ofteen requent the following channels: #php, #symfony, #nginx, #mysql.

Discussions, Ideas, Questions, etc.

Anything that is not explicitly an "issue" or "feature request" falls into this category of "general discussions" and I'd prefer (and kindly ask) that these stay off the GitHub issue tracker. Instead, utalize the following channels:

  • Find me on IRC (Freenode network) using the handle rmf or hop into the channel #src-run
  • More to come soon...


You created additional functionality during the use of this package? Send it back upstream! Don't hesitate to submit a pull request! Beyond the requirements outlined in the contibuting guide, your imagination represents the only limitation.


This project is licensed under the MIT License, an FSF- / OSI-approved and GPL-compatible, permissive free software license. Review the LICENSE file distributed with this source code for additional information.


The darker-library provides a light weight collection of bash functions that can be utilized as the basis for small-scale scripts.




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