A lightweight collection of bash stdio functionality, including text/line out, definition lists, sections, statuses, actions, and more.
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[src-run] bash-writer-library


Welcome! The core-library provides a lightweight collection of core bash functionality, including basic StdIO logic, user- permissions-related logic, and automatic runtime dependency loading logic.


This package represents a single project within a large collection of open-source code released under the Scribe namespace, comprised of framework-agnostic libraries, and a number of Symfony bundles. These projects are authored and maintained by Rob Frawley 2nd and collaborators, often with the support of Scribe Inc.



For general inquiries or to discuss a broad topic or idea, you can find robfrawley on Freenode. There is also a #scribe channel, which can be joined using the following link irc.choopa.net:6669/scribe.


To report issues or request a new feature use GitHub or GitLab to start a discussion. Include as much information as possible to aid in a quick resolution. Feel free to "ping" the topic if you don't get a response within a few days.


You created additional functionality during the use of this package? Send it back upstream! Don't hesitate to submit a pull request! Beyond the brief requirements outlined in the contibuting guide, your imagination represents the only limitation.


This project is licensed under the MIT License, an FSF-/OSI-approved and GPL-compatible, permissive free software license. Review the LICENSE file distributed with this source code for additional information.