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This is a phpenv plug-in providing PHP configuration (ini file) management commands. On first invocation a conf.d-available/ path is created parallel to the original conf.d/, which provides the location this script places ini files when calling with --[cfg|ext]-add. Actually enabling the ini file is done by calling -e or --enable, which symlinking the file from conf.d-available/ into conf.d/.


Automated Installation: If starting from scratch, you can use the phpenv installation script, which by default automatically installs this plug-in:

curl -s | bash

Manual Installation: Alternatively, you can clone the repository yourself into your ~/.phpenv/plugins directory:

git clone ~/.phpenv/plugins/php-conf


phpenv conf [OPTION] [<cfgini|extini|extname|conf>]

CLI Options

#add local general-purpose config ini file (ex.: defining timezone)
phpenv conf -c|--cfg-add <cfg-file>

#add a local extension config ini file (ex.: igbinary.ini, tidy.ini, etc)
phpenv conf -x|--ext-add <ext-file>

#create new extension config file from name (containing "extension=<extname>.so")
phpenv conf -X|--ext-new <ext-name>

#remove installed config completely (from active config and available config dirs)
phpenv conf -r|--rm <cfg-name>

#enable installed config (by symlinking from available dir)
phpenv conf -e|--enable <cfg-name>

#disable installed config (by removing enabled symlink)
phpenv conf -d|--disable <cfg-name>

#list both enabled and disabled configs 
phpenv conf -l|--list

#display installed config file contents
phpenv conf -s|--show <cfg-name>

#show version of php-congig (including current git hash)
phpenv conf -V|--version

#display help dialoge message (in fact, this message you'r reading here!)
phpenv conf -h|--help|help