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PHP Push WebSocket

PHP Push WebSocket is an implementation of the WebSocket protocol following the specification of RFC 6455. It also includes a client side for examples.

Installation with Composer

To install the latest stable version: composer require "srchea/php-push-web-socket"


  1. run a server instance: php websocket_server.php.
  2. Open websocket_client.html in a browser over HTTP protocol.

Examples of use cases

  • Instant messenger
  • Push app notifications
  • Shared applications like presentation (slides), collaborative text editors
  • Data monitoring, and much more

Bottom line

Here is a blog post about this implementation: http://srchea.com/build-a-real-time-application-using-html5-websockets

Composer/Packagist: https://packagist.org/packages/srchea/php-push-web-socket

Feel free to contribute! :-)