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This repo contains code (in C++) for solving commonly asked interview questions about algorithms. It'll be continually updated. Be sure to watch the corresponding youtube video/blogpost to each question.
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Algorithm Interview Questions + Answers

This repository contains C++ code that solves algorithm questions that gets asked in interviews. This repo will be continuously updated with more questions and answers (hopefully).

Repo Structure

The list of questions can be found in the next section. The answers to those questions will be found in a folder of this repository with the corresponding name.

The solution will be written in C++ in a file named main.cpp within the folder.

Additionally, a blogpost will pictures and alternative solutions can be found on my website, and a youtube video explaining the algorithm (usually talking through the answers with pictures) can be found on my youtube channel. Reading the C++ code without context probably won't help, so it's highly recommended to watch the youtube video to understand the solution.

Running The Code

After cloning the repository, cd into the folder for the algorithm you want to run. (Ex. cd MoveZeroesToEndOfArray)

Then run the make file which will compile the code with GCC (C++11) using:




This repository is under an MIT License.

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