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Various Gentoo Linux ebuilds, to provide out-of-tree packages and miscellaneous fixes.

Also included is a script named, which will list any packages which exist with identical versions in both this repository and the main portage tree, but which still have the stock upstream package installed.

Raspberry Pi tools and utilities

  • dev-python/raspberrypi-gpio
    • RPi.GPIO ebuild
  • media-libs/raspberrypi-userland
    • Replace non-functional Raspian init script with OpenRC equivalent, and update PID location
  • sys-apps/raspberrypi-utilities-armv6
    • Some Raspberry Pi userland tools are closed-source, and so not available in media-libs/raspberrypi-userland. There (armv6 only, currently) utilities are installed by this package
  • sys-boot/raspberrypi-firmware
    • Raspberry Pi VideoCore firmware, Device Tree overlays, Kernel image, and kernel modules from a smart-live-rebuild-compatible ebuild
  • sys-boot/raspberrypi-mkimage
    • Add latest signing tools to enable Device Tree support in self-built kernels
  • sys-kernel/raspberrypi-sources
    • Raspberry Pi latest kernel sources, from a smart-live-rebuild-compatible ebuild
  • www-apps/rpi-monitor

Fixes for compiling prefix packages on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and later

For the High Sierra release, Apple have fixed a known vulnerability by causing code which uses the '%n' printf() format in a string stored in writable memory to crash with an illegal instruction: 4 error. Sadly, this is a runtime error rather than a compiler error, making it difficult to detect. Known failures currently exist in vasnprintf() implementations - these cases are automatically detected and patched by deploying the Portage bashrc override file from local/etc/portage/bashrc to ${EPREFIX}/etc/portage/ and copying the accomdanying patch from local/etc/portage/patches/All/vasnprintf.patch to ${EPREFIX}/etc/portage/patches/All/.

Two affected packages which use an older vasnprintf() implementation which is incompatible with the supplied patch are as follows:

  • dev-util/pkgconfig
  • dev-vcs/cvs

... which are explicitly patched in an overlay package.

It is unlikely that this change affects only vasnprintf() code and no other, so further patches will likely also be required...

Fixes for compiling prefix packages under macOS using LLVM/clang

Some packages will fail with illegal instruction: 4 if compiled with certain compiler-optimisations enabled. Indeed, the -ftrapv flag will cause clang to intenionally insert ud2 (Undefined Instruction) op-codes where integer overflows could occur, and this catches-out a significant number of packages, causing them to crash with SIGILL - illegal instruction. To work around this on a per-package basis where -ftrapv has not been used during compilation, perform the following steps:

mkdir ${EPREFIX}/etc/portage/env

cat > ${EPREFIX}/etc/portage/env/debug <<EOF

# Assuming that clang is now default...


CFLAGS="-arch x86_64 -march=x86-64"
CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -fcolor-diagnostics -O0 -g -pipe"
CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -Wno-implicit-function-declaration"

#CXXFLAGS="${CXXFLAGS} -stdlib=libstdc++"

#LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} -stdlib=libstdc++"



# vi: set syntax=conf:

cat >> ${EPREFIX}/etc/portage/package.env <<EOF
~sys-devel/binutils-apple-6.1 debug

... correcting for CFLAGS as appropriate in ${EPREFIX}/etc/portage/env/debug.

A similar configuration file could be added for all packages which fail to compile with clang and require gcc. An (unfortunately incomplete) list of these packages consists of:


(subversion presents an issue - it cannot be compiled with clang, but if USE="perl" then the same compiler must be used to build subversion as was used to build perl)

... with a slightly larger set of builds failing if FEATURES="strict" or FEATURES="stricter", or if MAKEOPTS is not set to "-j1".

  • app-arch/lz4
    • Ensure that appropriate PREFIX directory is available to build system
  • app-arch/unzip
    • Remove cc hard-coding
  • app-crypt/pinentry
    • Add -Wno-implicit-function-declaration to work around ncurses-related failures, if supported by the compiler
  • app-shells/bash
    • Include <signal.h> in relevant places to avoid -Wimplicit-function-declaration errors
  • dev-lang/python
    • If configure is not removed after applying the prefix libffi patch, @LIBFFI_LIB@ is never expanded to the correct value even after autoconf has completed
  • dev-libs/apr
    • Support F_FULLFSYNC on darwin
  • dev-libs/gmp
    • Add patch to prevent invalid reassignment of non-absolute variable 'L0m4_tmp' error
  • dev-libs/jemalloc
    • Correct library version used when calling install_name_tool
  • dev-libs/libksba
    • Override -Wall CFLAG by adding clang #pragmas to problematic code
  • dev-libs/liblinear
    • Update Makefile to build correctly on darwin
  • dev-libs/libxslt
    • Fix for 'double prefix' QA error introduced in 1.1.28-r2
  • dev-libs/openssl
    • Add -Wno-error=unused-command-line-argument to clang to prevent aborting with an error due to -Wa,--noexecstack, and fix util/domd to treat clang like gcc
  • dev-libs/udis86
    • Add ${EPREFIX} to docdir configure option
  • dev-python/backports-ssl-match-hostname
    • Change ${ED} to ${D} to prevent double-prefix path usage QA error
  • dev-vcs/cvs
    • Allow CVS to build and tests to run on darwin
  • dev-vcs/subversion
    • Correct detection of compiler by and ensure appropriate compiler is used
  • net-analyzer/nmap
    • Restore RT_MSGHDR_ALIGNMENT definition for building on macOS
  • net-analyzer/wireshark
    • Remove macOS '-isysroot' argument which broke macOS builds attempting to use SDK library stubs
  • sys-apps/baselayout-prefix
    • Add missing run_applets prototype
  • sys-apps/darwin-miscutils
    • Add missing md.c prototypes and #includes
  • sys-apps/gptfdisk
    • Allow gdisk to build on darwin (there's a separate Makefile for this platform which doesn't use libuuid) and ensure appropriate compiler is used
  • sys-apps/help2man
    • Ensure that usr/lib/help2man/bindtextdomain.dylib is correctly built and named
  • sys-apps/man
    • Add missing string.h header to makemsg.c
  • sys-apps/texinfo
    • Add missing #include
  • sys-devel/binutils-apple
    • Build to current macOS version and fix missing Libc header
  • sys-devel/gdb
    • Fixes for building with clang, building on Yosemite, and building with Python support
  • sys-devel/gcc-apple
    • Fixes for building with clang and building on Yosemite
  • sys-devel/llvm
    • Additional fixes for darwin
  • sys-libs/db
    • Prevent clang builtins error due to __atomic_compare_exchange function
  • sys-libs/gdbm
    • Ensure that all functions are defined before being called
  • sys-libs/readline
    • Ensure that <sys/ioctl.h> header is included on darwin

iOS7, 8, 9, and 10 -compatible tools & macOS ebuilds

  • app-admin/mas
    • Mac App Store command-line interface (requires xcodebuild)
  • app-pda/ipheth-pair
    • Tether an Apple iOS device to provide a network-link
  • app-pda/libimobiledevice
    • git live ebuild for updated libimobiledevice tools
  • app-pda/libplist
    • git live ebuild for updated plist library
  • app-pda/libusbmuxd
    • git live ebuild for split libusbmuxd/usbmuxd library
  • app-pda/usbmuxd
    • git live ebuild for usbmuxd binaries

PHP 7.x compatible ebuilds

  • dev-php/pecl-memcache
    • '--php_targets_php7-0' must currently be added to /etc/portage/profile/use.mask

nftables ebuilds

  • net-libs/libnftnl
    • Updated library version required by latest net-firewall/nftables
  • net-firewall/iptables-nftables
    • git live ebuild for nftables' iptables compatibility libraries
  • net-firewall/nftables
    • git live ebuild for nftables nft binary (obsolete due to in-tree nftables build)
  • app-emulation/docker
    • Allow net-firewall/iptables-nftables as an alternative to net-firewall/iptables
  • sys-apps/iproute2
    • Allow net-firewall/iptables-nftables as an alternative to net-firewall/iptables

Out-of-tree ebuilds

  • app-accessibility/svox-pico
    • SVOX Pico TTS (aka 'pico2wave'), required by >www-apps/nabaztaglives-2.2.0
  • app-admin/checkrestart-ng
    • A pure-shell tool to check for updated binaries and libraries
  • app-admin/openrc-restart-crashed
    • Check for services with status 'crashed', and optionally restart specified services
  • app-editors/vim-core
    • Add v8.0.1094 which fixes arbitrary characters appearing in macOS and others
  • app-editors/vim
    • Add v8.0.1094 which fixes arbitrary characters appearing in macOS and others
  • app-emulation/wa-linux-agent
  • app-shells/stdlib
  • dev-perl/B-Lint
  • dev-perl/CPANPLUS
  • dev-perl/CPANPLUS-Dist-Gentoo
  • dev-perl/Devel-Trace
  • dev-perl/Email-Outlook-Message
  • dev-perl/File-Touch
  • dev-perl/IO-Interface
  • dev-perl/IO-Socket-Multicast
  • dev-perl/Locale-Hebrew
  • dev-perl/match-simple
    • Provides match::smart
  • dev-perl/Mojolicious
  • dev-perl/Mojo-Server-FastCGI
  • dev-perl/Net-Interface
  • dev-perl/Net-MAC-Vendor
  • dev-perl/Net-SDP
  • dev-perl/Net-Subnet
  • dev-perl/Net-Twitter-Lite
  • dev-perl/POE-Component-Client-Ping
  • dev-perl/Proc-PID-File
  • dev-perl/Sub-Infix
  • dev-php/PEAR-Crypt_GPG
    • To replace the bundled libraries which are supplied with mail-client/roundcube-1.0.0
  • dev-python/ansible-lint
  • dev-python/aspy_yaml
  • dev-python/identify
  • dev-python/nodeenv
  • dev-python/noxspellserver
  • dev-python/pathspec
  • dev-python/pre-commit
  • dev-python/yamllint
  • dev-ruby/CFPropertyList
  • dev-ruby/cora
  • dev-ruby/geocoder
  • dev-ruby/guard
  • dev-ruby/guard-rspec
  • dev-ruby/pry
  • dev-ruby/rake
  • games-server/minecraft-server-bin
  • mail-client/roundcube
    • Roundcube 1.0.0 and Roundcube 1.0.1 have been released, but are not yet in-tree...
  • media-sound/logitechmediaserver-bin
    • Stuart Hickinbottom's Squeezebox Server ebuild, updated for Perl 5.22 and with minor optimisations
  • net-analyzer/netdata
    • netdata is now in-tree
  • net-libs/libhtp
    • Add more recent libhtp-0.5.21 release, to prevent net-analyzer/suricata-3.1 from complaining about libhtp being too old
  • net-libs/libupnp
    • Add more recent libupnp-1.6.20 and forked libupnp-1.8.0 releases, both with mjg59's POST patch applied
  • net-mail/davmail-bin
    • Java Microsoft Exchange <-> IMAP connector
  • net-misc/minissdpd
    • Temporarily retain old build, which doesn't require USE="old-output" for sys-apps/net-tools
  • net-misc/unifi-controller-bin
    • Ubiquiti Networks' UniFi Controller software
  • sys-apps/lsusb-apple
    • Jose L. Honorato's 'lsusb' for macOS
  • sys-apps/tmpfs
    • Mirror segments of a filesystem to a memory-based backing store
  • sys-auth/opie
    • OPIE One-time password system
  • sys-auth/pam_mobile_otp
    • PAM component of mOTP
  • sys-auth/yubipam
    • PAM authentication module for YubiKey hardware
  • www-apps/heatmiser
    • Data acquisition and web-interface for Heatmiser Wifi Thermostats
  • www-apps/nabaztaglives
    • Nabaztag Lives server software, re-factored into a webapp
  • www-apps/opennab
    • OpenNAB Nabaztag server software
  • www-apps/siriproxy
    • Web interface for 'Three Little Pigs' fork of SiriProxy
  • www-misc/observium
    • Observium is an autodiscovering SNMP based network monitoring platform
    • Observium have removed public repo access, do not make versioned sources available, and aren't updating the current version string which was previously maintained at - there no longer appears to be any sane way to package this application (... although it never worked correctly if using any web server other than Apache in any case, and the developers made it very clear as to how little they cared about this - so whilst a shame, it is unfortunately likely to be no great loss ⊙︵⊙)
  • www-servers/3dm2
    • 3ware 3DM2 RAID controller web interface for 3w-xxxx, 3w-9xxx and 3w-sas controllers

Modified ebuilds

  • app-crypt/gnupg
    • Fix clang compilation errors
  • app-emulation/docker
    • Allow more fine-grained control over optional features
  • app-emulation/lxc
    • Don't require an upgrade to Python 3.x unless building against Python
  • app-misc/ca-certificates
    • Don't install files for creating .deb archives to /usr/share/doc/${PF}/examples/
  • app-misc/colordiff
    • Install example configuration file to /usr/share/doc/${PF}/ rather than /etc/
  • app-portage/eix
    • Make tmpfiles installation optional
  • dev-db/mongodb
    • Add firefox source to Allow building on ARM
  • dev-db/mysql-init-scripts
    • Only install support for requested service-managers
  • dev-java/commons-daemon
    • Add additional include path to allow building with Oracle JDK 8 and above
  • dev-lang/perl
    • Fix HTTP::Tiny SSL CA path for prefix installations, prevent darwin_time_mutex errors on macOS
  • dev-libs/libcgroup
    • Handle existing mountpoints and correct init scripts
  • dev-perl/DBI-Shell
    • Fix "Useless localization of scalar assignment" warning from DBI::Format
  • dev-perl/LWP-Protocol-https
    • Fix SSL CA path for prefix installations
  • dev-perl/Math-Pari
    • Hack to allow math-pari to build on x32 systems and systems running a 32-bit userland on a 64-bit kernel
  • mail-filter/opendkim
    • Prevent the unqualified need for 'RequireSafeKeys' on Gentoo due to GID=0 standard system users
  • mail-filter/postgrey
    • Make systemd service support optional
  • mail-filter/spampd
    • Fix status reporting, revise installed documentation, add optional systemd service support
  • media-libs/opengl-apple
    • Check for missing files before installing the Apple X11/Xquartz compatibility symlinks
  • media-sound/teamspeak-server-bin
    • A more FHS/Gentoo-like installation structure
  • net-analyzer/munin
    • Re-factor munin to operate as a webapp, and remove configuration from /etc
  • net-analyzer/netdata
    • With modifications to upstream ebuild and init script
  • net-analyzer/ntopng
    • Remove some of the more onerous limitations from the community edition, use source from 3.0-stable branch rather than 3.0 tag
  • net-analyzer/suricata
    • Minor ebuild fixes, automatically fetch latest rules on build
  • net-dialup/ppp
    • Incorporate patches to allow interface discovery (rather than assuming that eth0 is the primary interface, the appropriate interface with a prefix of eth, em, ef, or eg will be auto-detected), and to enable the use of Baby Jumbo Frames whereby the host interface is given an MTU of 1508 so that a PPPoE link can retain a full 1500-byte MTU
  • net-dns/avahi
    • Prevent build from incorrectly creating /run directory
  • net-dns/dnstop
    • build correctly against >=libpcap-1.8.0 with (non-optional) IPv6 support
  • net-firewall/ebtables
    • Update to latest git commit, which adds compatibility kernel headers more recent than v3.16
    • Allow --among-src-file and --among-dst-file options to accept files containing multiple lines, for ease of maintenance
    • Fix some crazy inconsistencies in output which were breaking ebtables-save and ebtables-restore
    • Set appropriate maximum buffer sizes to prevent ebtables-restore from segfaulting when loading more than 2kbytes of data from a single statement
    • Add Debian patch to correct the use of RETURN as a module target
  • net-libs/neon
    • Patch trivial typo which prevents writev from being defined
  • net-misc/dhcp
    • Enhance chroot support in init script
  • net-misc/tor
    • Prevent GCC infinite loop, rather than simply warning about it
  • net-misc/usbip
    • Prevent build failure due to harmless warning
  • net-misc/wget
    • Filter -funsafe-math-optimizations, which prevents wget from building on ARM
  • net-nds/openldap
    • If /etc/init.d/tmpfiles.setup isn't active, /var/run/openldap is never created yet the ebuild still attempts to set permissions upon it...
  • sys-apps/busybox
    • Updates to make mdev more functional - see here...
  • sys-apps/gentoo-functions
    • Deploy files to the correct locations on prefix installations
    • Fixed in sys-apps/gentoo-functions/sys-apps/gentoo-functions-0.9 v1.2
  • sys-apps/gentoo-functions
    • Fix inclusion when unbound variable checking is enabled
  • sys-apps/portage
    • Prevent ebuild ... digest from aborting if the owner of the category directory differs from that of the package directory
  • sys-apps/usbutils
    • Revert changes which make usbutils dependent on udev
  • sys-kernel/linux-firmware
    • Be much more verbose about which firmware is being installed and skipped with USE=savedconfig, and don't try to strip firmware blobs :o
  • sys-power/apcupsd
    • Incorporate patch to allow apcupsd to be bulit against recent SNMP headers;
    • Correct SNMP patch failure of version 3.14.12, make exposed configuration options more flexible;
    • Provide more flexibility with finer-grained USE flags
  • sys-power/iasl
    • Fix paths in ebuild and make build documentation optional
  • virtual/tmpfiles
    • Provide an option not to use systemd's tmpfiles system (directly or via sys-apps/opentmpfiles)
  • x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers
    • Only start nVidia System Management Interface if valid for the host system

Fixes for ebuilds using /run

(... rather than /var/run)

Included as install-qa-check.d/95run-directory in the repo metadata directory is an additional QA check which reports an error if files deployed to /etc/init.d or /etc/conf.d contain references to /run.

  • app-admin/eselect-php
  • app-admin/syslog-ng
  • app-admin/ulogd
  • app-misc/screen
  • dev-db/redis
  • dev-libs/cyrus-sasl
  • mail-filter/spamassassin
  • net-analyzer/darkstat
  • net-analyzer/iptraf-ng
  • net-analyzer/nagios-core
  • net-analyzer/ntop
  • net-analyzer/rrdtool
  • net-analyzer/vnstat
  • net-analyzer/zabbix
  • net-dialup/freeradius
  • net-dns/bind
  • net-firewall/conntrack-tools
  • net-fs/netatalk
  • net-fs/samba
  • net-misc/dhcpcd
  • net-misc/memcached
  • net-misc/minidlna
  • net-misc/openntpd
  • net-misc/radvd
  • net-misc/rsyncd
  • net-p2p/bitcoind
  • net-p2p/deluge
  • sys-apps/haveged
  • sys-apps/kmod
  • sys-apps/lm_sensors
  • sys-apps/smartmontools
  • sys-apps/util-linux
  • sys-fs/cachefilesd
  • sys-libs/pam
  • sys-power/acpid
  • www-servers/lighttpd

Fixes to allow /var/state to be used in place of /var/lib

/var/state was referenced in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 2.0 as superseding /var/lib, although versions 2.1 and later no longer mention this particular configuration. Regardless, supporting /var/state (with a symlink from /var/lib for compatibility) takes very little effort, and the name state feels like a much better fit with respect to the intended contents.

  • dev-lang/php
  • dev-php/PEAR-PEAR
  • media-libs/libpvx

Fixes for MIPS n32 and x86_64 x32 ABIs

Included is a modified eclass/multilib.eclass that no longer overrides any amd64 LIBDIR_* environment variables, which may now usefully be set in /etc/portage/make.conf. For this to work universally, you may need to edit /etc/portage/repos.conf and add:

eclass-overrides = srcshelton

... to ensure that main-repo ebuilds benefit from the change. The LIBDIR variables, and their default values, are:


... noting that SYMLINK_LIB defaults to "no" (e.g. do not try to symlink /lib and /usr/lib to the library directory which the ABI actually uses) for x32 profiles, and that these variables only affect multilib systems.

  • app-admin/monit
    • Add required --with-ssl-lib-dir option
  • app-crypt/mit-krb5
    • Ensure that AES assembly is built for x32 rather than amd64
  • app-antivirus/clamav
    • Don't use (64-bit) assembly if __ILP32__ is defined
  • dev-db/libdbi-drivers
    • Add required --with-dbi-libdir option
  • dev-db/mariadb
    • Prevent x32 builds from failing because of warnings generated by int to long-int conversions in LZO code
  • dev-lang/ruby
    • Avoid inline assembly with x32 ABI
  • dev-util/cmake
    • Add (x)32 library paths in addition to 64-bit variants
  • media-libs/flac
    • Avoid link failures due to 32 bit downgrade with x32 ABI
  • media-libs/graphviz
    • Ensure that correct lib directory is searched
  • net-analyzer/arp-sk
    • Look for libnet in the appropriate "libdir" rather than lib
  • net-dns/bind-tools
    • Correct many instances of hard-coded references to lib
  • net-misc/miniupnpd
    • Prevent use of sysctl syscall (which specifically errors on x32, but is deprecated for all ABIs)
  • net-misc/openssh
    • Add experimental libseccomp patch, and on x32 either use this or fallback to rlimit sandbox. Without one of these changes, sshd is non-functional on x32
  • sys-apps/baselayout
    • Don't error-out if using lib32 for x32 libraries
  • sys-apps/cpuid
    • Don't use 64-bit assembly if __ILP32__ is defined
  • sys-devel/binutils
    • Allow LIBDIR_* variables to override hard-coded default directory locations
  • sys-devel/gcc
    • Allow LIBDIR_* variables to override hard-coded default directory locations
  • sys-libs/glibc
    • Allow LIBDIR_* variables to override hard-coded default directory locations (for x86 only)
  • sys-libs/libunwind

Fixes for udev and to allow separate /usr

(... and/or operation without a /run directory)

  • net-wireless/bluez
    • Make 'udev' an optional dependency, controlled by USE="udev"
  • sys-apps/coreutils
    • Add uniq to the list of binaries moved to /bin, as some init scripts (such as device-mapper) rely on it being present during early-boot
  • sys-apps/gawk
    • Install to /bin rather than /usr/bin, for init scripts which invoke awk
  • sys-apps/openrc
    • Add optional USE="varrun" flag to allow 'run' directory to remain as '/var/run'
  • sys-fs/cryptsetup
    • Make 'udev' an optional dependency, controlled by USE="udev"
  • sys-fs/fuse
    • Avoid installing udev rules unless USE="udev" is specified
  • sys-fs/lvm2
    • Make 'udev' an optional dependency, controlled by USE="udev"
  • sys-fs/mdadm
    • Restore previous boot-time functionality, add support for module-loading from /etc/mdadm/mdmod.conf
  • net-misc/netifrc
    • Avoid installing udev rules unless USE="udev" is specified
  • sys-libs/libeudev
    • Provide libudev only without (e)udev daemon, for builds which require only the library component of udev
  • sys-process/procps
    • Maintain compatibility with releases prior to 3.3.11 by keeping sysctl in /sbin
  • virtual/libudev
    • Allow sys-libs/libeudev to satisfy virtual/libudev dependency

Fixes for binaries and libraries which are installed to the root filesystem, but link to libraries originally installed to /usr

(... controlled by the sep-usr USE-flag)

  • app-crypt/mit-krb5
  • dev-libs/elfutils
  • dev-libs/gmp
  • dev-libs/jansson
  • dev-libs/libgcrypt
  • dev-libs/libgpg-error
  • dev-libs/mini-xml
  • dev-libs/openssl
  • dev-libs/popt
  • net-dns/libidn
  • net-fs/nfs-utils
    • Move nfsdcltrack, with many non-root library dependencies, to /usr/sbin
  • net-libs/libnfnetlink
  • net-libs/libpcap
  • sys-apps/file
    • Move to the root filesystem, for app-editors/nano
  • sys-apps/util-linux
    • Add to the list of libraries relocated to root
  • sys-fs/cryptsetup
  • sys-libs/libcap-ng
  • sys-libs/slang
  • sys-process/audit
    • Add zos USE-flag to prevent building of z/OS-specific zos-remote plugin and tools, with many non-root library dependencies