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Tool to create SafeStrap bootable images for Droid 4
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Readme file for DDroid


1. Custom USB serial cable needed

There is a debug uart at tty[SO]2 multiplexed with the USB connector. To use
it, you need a custom cable with D+ and D- connected to a 3.3V UART. You need
to leave VBUS disconnected to avoid the connector getting multiplexed back to
USB. It's easiest to make the custom UART by ordering a micro-USB-B breakout
board and connecting the USB serial cable wires to it. I used the sparkfun
break out board, others should work fine too.

The wire connections are:
d-	device uart tx	usb serial rx ftdi yellow, pl2303 white
d+	device uart rx	usb serial tx ftdi orange, pl2303 green
gnd	device ground	usb serial gnd
vbus	do not connect


You will need binaries from ddroid4-mainline-kexec-0.3.tar.xz or later,
this can be downloaded from:

The make will complain about several files that you need to initially
copy into place to make make happy, then you can create the bootable
SafeStrap installable image:

$ make zip

And then you can adb push it to your droid 4 /sdcard:

$ make push


Boot to SafeStrap recovery mode, and create a new boot ROM under
"Boot Options", then "Create ROM Slot". After it's done choose
"" and browse to the /sdcard directory and install the ddroid
zip file to the new ROM slot.

When installing, SafeStrap will ask few questions:

1. No OS Installed! Are you sure you wish to reboot?

Select "Swipe to Reboot" here.

2. Your device does not appear to be rooted, install SuperSU now?

It's OK to select "Do Not Install" or "Swipe to Install".

Then the new kernel should start booting.


This initial version has a bunch of files copied from a working
SafeStrap image. If somebody knows how to get rid of those or
maybe generate them with scripts please send patches.
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