This is Malayalam Speech Recognition model developed for CMUSphinx. This is now used for Google Summer Code 2016
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Further development files


Instructions to use this Model for demo purpose ( I recommand using Unix-like enivironment ).

Firstly download the latest libraries needed to run the recognition:

  1. SphinxBase

  2. PocketSphinx

  3. SphinxTrain

  4. Sphinx4

For more details head over to CMUSphinx Download

Once you have downloaded, extracted to their corresponding folder, install them using:

In a unix-like environment (such as linux, solaris etc):

  • if you downloaded directly from the CVS repository, you need to do this at least once to generate the "configure" file:
$ ./
  • if you downloaded the release version, or ran "" at least once, then compile and install:
 $ ./configure
 $ make clean all
 $ make check
 $ sudo make install

Now, download the zip of this repository, extract and open terminal inside the root folder.

Connect the microphone and use the command below to run the recognition. I cannot assure accuracy as of yet as this a trail attempt towards building a more spanned model.

pocketsphinx_continuous -hmm ./ -lm -dict samsaaram.dic -inmic yes | tee ml_terminal_output_export.txt


The installation of libraries can throw many errors depending on the various dependencies of autogen , configure , make . Make sure to patiently resolve those to have a successful installation. Also make sure to set the path variables in the environment.

Audio driver package(s) (osspd generally) of your system might need updation while launching the command :


Try this and all should probably run fine after.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install osspd

To contribute

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Record* the sentences^
  3. Commit and make a Pull Request.


Record* - To record, use Audacity , set Project Rate = 16000Hz, Default Sample Format as 16bit, and while saving, use WAV, PCM 16bit option

sentences^ - The sentences [file](/Further development files/hugu+interstellar+queen - sentences.txt) can be found inside the file "hugu+interstellar+queen - sentences.txt" under Further Development.

Please contact me before you start recording.