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Following options are available

  • servers -> An Array of Server Information. This should form the default "cluster". host defaults to localhost and port to 6379.
  • mode -> can be one readsToSlaves or allToMaster defaults to allToMaster
  • listen_port -> The port on which to listen for redis requests defaults to 9999
  • bind_address -> The address to bind on the local machine, defaults to, set this to "" for it to be accessible from other servers.
  • check_period -> Ping the redis servers every milliseconds, defaults to 5000 milliseconds
  • pool_size -> Size of the connection pools held to the redis server defaults to 50. Currently connection pool cannot be turned off.
  • debug -> Put a lot of debugging information, defaults to false. It does put a lot of debugging information. Always goes to the stdout.
  • slave_balance -> how to balance between slaves when using readsToSlaves mode. Defaults to round robin and the only one supported.
  • loggers -> An array of additional logs that go to the file. An array can be specified, and will support all the options of the winston.transports.File class.

{ "servers": [{ "host": "localhost" ,"port": 6379 } , { "host": "localhost" , "port": 6389 } ] ,"mode": "readsToSlaves" ,"listen_port": 9999 ,"bind_address": "" ,"check_period": 5000 ,"pool_size": 50 , "debug": false , "slave_balance": "roundrobin" , "loggers":[{ "filename": "redis-proxy.log", "level":"silly" } ] }