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Connect pool size #22

SureshSc opened this Issue · 2 comments

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We have set up redis proxy setup @ port 9999 with 4 redis servers @ 6379,6380,6381,6382. When we pointing our apache tomcat to port 9999 for session storage it can able to set session first time for first users then redis proxy quiting unexpectedly. In Apache tomcat log it shows no connect pool. As per my understand i need to fine tune redis proxy conf file(conf.json) ny increasing poolsize, when i try to increase more then 50 server not starting up . It throughs below error

throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event
Error: connect EMFILE
at errnoException (net.js:901:11)
at connect (net.js:764:19)
at net.js:842:9
at asyncCallback (dns.js:68:16)
at Object.onanswer as oncomplete


Can you please attach the config? I'll have a look.


Redis Configuration File is below. We needed 50,00,000

"servers": [{
"host": "localhost"
,"port": 6379
, {
"host": "localhost"
, "port": 6389
, {
"host": "localhost"
, "port": 2181
, {
"host": "localhost"
, "port": 2182

,"mode": "readsToSlaves"
,"listen_port": 9999
,"bind_address": ""
,"check_period": 10000
,"pool_size": 550

, "debug": true
, "slave_balance": "roundrobin"
, "loggers":[{ "filename": "redis-proxy_error.log", "level":"error" } ]

In Apache console it tells connect refused. No connection pool.

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