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Roll Ricks Not Joints

[Don't do drugs, kids] [All Contributions Welcome!]

Project submission for MLH's Impractical Hackers [Feb 5 - 7 2021] (Update - Won Most Impractical Hack!)

"What would you say, if I told you, there is an app on the market..." "WE'RE PAST THAT PART! JUST DEMO IT!"

Well, here's your demo!


Don't do drugs, kids. We wanted to build something whimsical (a prank hack), keeping in mind the theme of this hackathon

What it does

Roll Ricks, Not Joints is a simple extension which will randomly convert one in every five links on any webpage he/she happens to visit, and redirect it to the Never Gonna Give You Up YouTube video!

How we built it

JavaScript, StackOverflow, and love

Challenges we ran into

We kept accidentally Rick Rolling ourselves while testing the extension and Googling stuff, forgetting that we had the extension installed lmao

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with tech we've never used before

What we learned

Building chrome extensions

What's next for Roll Ricks Not Joints

Vary the number of links per page that are converted so you can randomly rickroll people at maybe every 10th link

Installation Instructions: Video

It's super simple folks -

  • First, clone the extension onto your PC (or dowload zip and extract, pick your poison).

  • Next, type in chrome://extensions in your (Chromium-based) browser's address bar, and you should see a Developer Mode toggle on the top right corner.

  • Toggle that switch ON, and you'll see a button that says "Load Unpacked" pop up

  • Now, click that button, and select the folder that you just cloned (or extracted), and it'll load the extension onto your browser. (It'll say Video Speed Controller, but that's just there to not arouse suspicion incase your friend notices the extension :P)

  • And you're done! Refresh any webpages you might have had open so the extension can work its magic, and you've got yourself a wonderful chrome extension and an extremely confused friend xD

  • P.S. Even if you hover over a link, it'll show it's original destination, since links are modified at a link-click level.


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