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Hi, I'm Sreekaran. I enjoy building communities + products, writing, solving problems, and automating stuff.

A Little Bit About Me πŸ“Ž

  • Software by day, DevRel by night.
  • Open-source enthusiast; loves all things hackathons.
  • Full-Stack Dev; primarily works with Python, Java, and Go.
Experience πŸ’»
  • DevRel Engineer @ Dasha AI -
    • Organized, managed, & sponsored hackathons & conferences to increase product adoption, visibility, & education.
    • Orchestrated partnerships with other orgs in the form of hackathons, shelf strategies, integrations, & blogs.
    • Built demo applications in NodeJS, created documentation, & designed learning programs.
    • Explored hacker stories through blogs & videos to showcase hackers & apps.
    • Built communities with 3000 members on Twitter, 800 on Slack, & 300 on Discord.
    • Managed product collaboration & feedback generation in the communities.
  • Software Engineer @ Codemantra -
    • Worked on an Intelligent Document Processing Platform; wrote modules to transform & validate epub, pdf, json, & xml content based on flexible parameters.
    • Designed & developed scripts for object detection, extraction, validation, & manipulation in pdfs.
    • Built, tested, & deployed APIs to inject accessibility features into documents.
    • Designed & developed content management, transformation, & validation solutions in Python & Java, with rapidly evolving requirements & specifications.
    • Worked on an end-to-end custom learning management system with NodeJS.
  • Software Engineer @ SPI Edge -
    • Designed & implemented an end-to-end system to monitor & analyze habit formation through WhatsApp.
    • Deployed the app to over 200 employees, resulting in a 50% increase in habit streaks.
    • Developed dashboards to track, analyze, & present metrics in real-time to both employees & employers.
  • Software Engineer Intern @ RoloCRM -
    • Designed, developed, tested, & deployed systems to automate lead generation & scheduling of 50,000 email campaigns.
    • Used Python & Sendy to reduce effort to send out campaigns by 85% & saved nearly 5000 hours.
Experiments with Community and Mentorship πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
  • Organizer @ Hack the League.
  • Mentor & Judge @ Major League Hacking - Mentored students and judged submissions @ MLH-hosted events. Hackathon Ambassador @ AngelHack.
  • Returning Data Science Bootcamp Mentor @ Data Inspired Young Analysts - Mentored a batches of ~10 students towards learning from scratch Python and the basics of data science in the space of two month-long bootcamps, helping them build their first data-science applications.
  • Co-Lead of Incubation @ SPI Edge - Oversaw, led, and mentored 15 hackathon-winning teams & helped turn their projects into potential start-ups.
  • Mentor/Judge @ 30+ hackathons, including MakeHarvard, TAMUhack, HackDavis, SF Hacks.
  • Project Co-ordinator (Hackathons and Events) @ Madras HackerSpace - Organized a hackathon themed around fundraising platforms. Conducted workshops and talks centered around helping newbie programmers.
  • Mentor @ Harvard CS50's 2021 Seminars.
  • Open Source Project Mentor @ DevScript Winter of Code - Mentored students in DevScript Winter of Code to contribute to open-source projects.
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