R package for extracting crypto currency data and its exploratory analysis
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"# scryptoC" is an R package consisting of 6 functions, which extracts, save, explore and fit crypto currency data of Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP from coinmarketcap website

  1. get_cryptoC() Extract, tidy and load data for the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP from coinmarketcap \href{https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/}{Bitcoin}, coinmarketcap \href{https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethereum/}{Ethereum}, coinmarketcap \href{https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/}{XRP}
  2. print_cryptoC('yes') Load data from \href{https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/}{Coinmarketcap} save_file 'yes' to save data to perf_cryptoC.csv in the working directory
  3. plotAll.cryptoC_data(obj, currency_type) Plots the variables 'Market Cap', 'Close', 'High', 'Low', 'Volume' of the cryptoC_data object for the chosen cryptocurrency with respect to the weighted Date variable look at \href{https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/}{Bitcoin} for the description of each variable @param obj returned from get_cryptoC() function @param currency_type choose from C('Bitcoin','Ethereum', 'XRP')
  4. fit.cryptoC_data(obj, currency_type, var_type) Fits the selected currency data with spline smooth model and returns the fit data of the chosen variable @param obj returned from get_cryptoC() function @param currency_type select from C('Bitcoin','Ethereum', 'XRP') @param var_type select from c('Close', 'Mcap')
  5. plot.cryptoC_fit(out,time_grid) plots the smooth spline model fit data for the currency(bitcoin/Ethereum/XRP) and varable (Close/Mcap) from \code{\link{fit}} function @param out , the fit output from \code{\link{fit}} function @param time_grid An optional time grid over which the fitted values of the model to be predicted @param ... other parameters for the plot, not defined now
  6. scryptoC_app() is a Shiny app for the scryptoC package show case output of all the 5 functions of the package Note that few functions are dependent on the particular functions run in advance.