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Grid Generation for Scientific Computations

ProMesh is a cross-platform meshing software with support for unstructured grids of 1, 2, and 3 dimensions. It supports different element types like triangles, quadrilaterals, tetrahedra, pyramids, prisms and hexahedra. ProMesh features tools to refine, remesh, partition, and transform meshes, thus allowing users to prepare grids for many different problems arising in scientific computations.

Thanks to its fully hardware-accelerated graphical user interface, meshes can be visualized and edited in real-time. The effect of algorithms can be evaluated immediately and parameters can be adjusted accordingly. The available tools can be freely combined to construct a broad range of complex meshes.

Meshing-tools can not only be executed from ProMesh’s graphical user interface but can also be combined in scripts. Those scripts are then visualized as additional tools, allowing users to enhance ProMesh and streamline their workflows.

Please have a look at Installers for different operating systems (Linux, Mac-OSX, Windows) are provided here together with information on recent changes.

ProMesh's user manual and scripting reference documentation can be found in ProMesh by clicking Help->"User Manual" or online.


ProMesh has been created by Sebastian Reiter during his work at the Goethe-Center for Scientific Computing at the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main as a stand-alone part of the UG4 simulation framework. ProMesh continues to be under active development at the Goethe-Center for Scientific Computing.

ProMesh is based on UG4 (
ProMesh is developed in tight relation with UG4-Core and the UG4 ProMesh Plugin.

Development of ProMesh was partially supported by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) under the contract numbers 02E10326, 02E10568, and 02E11062.

Copyright (c) 2008-2018: G-CSC, Goethe University Frankfurt
Copyright (c) 2006-2008: Steinbeis Forschungszentrum (STZ Ölbronn)
Copyright (c) 2006-2018: Sebastian Reiter


Grid generation for scientific computations







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