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Breakpad Server

a Java web application for receiving crash reports from Breakpad


  1. In the root directory, type ant to build crashreportserver.war in the dist subdirectory.

  2. Put crashreportserver.war in your servlet container (Tomcat or other), with values for 3 parameters:

    • mail.recipient
    • crash.reports.dir

Configuration Example

If you're running Tomcat on gentoo and your web app's hostname is, create a file /etc/tomcat-6/Catalina/

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Context docBase="/home/tomcat/production/crashreportserver.war">
    <Parameter name="mail.recipient" value="" override="false"/>
    <Parameter name="" value="" override="false"/>
    <Parameter name="crash.reports.dir" value="/tmp/crashreports" override="false"/>

Generating Crash Reports

See for tips on integrating Breakpad into an OS X application.

When the application crashes, it'll send a "minidump" file to your crashreportserver. If you've specified BreakpadLogFileTailSize in your app's Info.plist, it'll also send a log file (in a separate HTTP request) to your crashreportserver.

The crashreportserver will send you an email message with the minidump file attached. If you've specified BreakpadLogFileTailSize it'll send a separate email with the log file snippet.

Processing Crash Reports

First, build Breakpad's crash_report utility -- the Xcode project is in google-breakpad/src/tools/mac.

Once you receive a minidump file, use crash_report to read it:

crash_report upload_file_minidump