Eclipse+AVR plugin based workspace with Arduino_Mega_2560 configuration
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Eclipse+AVR plugin based workspace with Arduino_Mega_2560 configuration

This is the official repo for the APDuino Project's Arduino sources. For more information, visit the APDuino Project at


  • Arduino IDE 1.0 installed, USB communications to Arduino Mega 2560 established
  • Eclipse + AVR plugin installed
  • git or Eclipse egit plugin installed


Install from sources

Normally the APDuino Project aims to provide a programming free experience (for ready-to-flash builds visit However, if you need to build from sources (eg. trying to use hardware components not supported by the official APDuinOS releases), this repo is for you. (And 3 more, pulled in as submodules.)

There are two main methods to get & build the sources (once pre-requisites met):

mostly shell-based with git:


# symlink or copy Arduino IDE files, choose between the following
ln -s [path to Arduino IDE 1.0] ./arduino	# symlink Arduino IDE 1.0 to ${WORKSPACE_DIR}/arduino
cp -r [path to Arduino IDE 1.0] ./arduino	# copy Arduino IDE 1.0 to ${WORKSPACE_DIR}/arduino

git clone
git submodule init
git submodule update

In Eclipse, using egit

Additional steps:

  • In any case, configure AVR plugin (Preferences/Arduino) after, set the Arduino IDE location to '${WORKSPACE_DIR}/arduino' and Arduino libraries to '${WORKSPACE_DIR}/arduino/libraries'
  • Also, select the 'Arduino Mega 2560 or Mega ADK'/'16000000' values on the Arduino project prefs of the 'arduino_headless' project in the workspace.

Build should work after.

A more detailed guide can be found here: