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[Arduino] Automotive performance computer with Megasquirt integration
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CAR + perFormance + ardUINO = carfuino. Pronounced "car-fween-oh." Or however you want. I don't care. Vehicle performance monitor.


  • Provides a display of various performance metrics:
    • Base view with trip info
    • Realtime g-force
    • 0-60 acceleration time
    • 60-0 braking distance in feet
    • 0-100-0 acceleration & braking time
    • 1/4 mile time and speed
  • Designed for a 1980s-1990s aesthetic

Hardware details

Extra Arduino dependencies

  • TBD

Vehicle dependencies

  • Speedometer input to carfuino via CAN bus
  • VSS pulse count input to carfuino via CAN bus (used to measure distance traveled)
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