[Arduino] Speed sensitive electric power steering for automobiles
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EPAS + ardUINO = epasuino. Pronounced "eh-puh-sween-oh." Or however you want. Speed sensitive power steering for automobiles.


Typical aftermarket electric power assist steering (EPAS) kits for automobiles use an adjustment knob to tailor how much power assist to provide to the steering system. The user turns the knob up in parking lots, and turns it down on the highway, or selects a middle ground that's ok for every scenario, but rarely ideal. epasuino uses the speed of the vehicle to adjust the amount of assist.

This project has a secondary purpose of taking the speed sensor info and sending it on the CAN bus to a MegaSquirt ECU and my carfuino performance computer.

User Interface

The user has access to a slide switch and a knob. When the switch is ON, the software will automatically set the assist level. When the switch is OFF, the user will adjust the knob to set the assist level.

Hardware details