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A school project I completed and would like to continue working on
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COMP4932 Assignment 3 : Facial Recognition


Face recognizer program. This is a program that uses your computers webcam to find a face, currently the best face inside the face space, to then find in the library of faces (prerequisite).

Table of Contents


  1. Ctrl-C : Finds the best face in the image (the one that looks like the best face)
  2. Ctrl-F : Finds the face that we captured in the face library* and displays the recration of it.


Adding faces**

You will need to complete this 3 times, having your face within the box.

  • Top of the head at the top of the box
  • Bottom of the chin at the bottom
  • Equal gaps on both sides of the head
  1. First capture the face with Ctrl-C
  2. Add the face to the library with Ctrl-F
  3. Name the file tempXX.bmp where XX is the next number in the series of images


**Feature is not yet implemented into the program.

Finding faces

  1. Refresh the cameras in the list.
    • This will get all the webcams/cameras currently plugged in
  2. Select a resolution from the dropdown below it
    • Fastest results is to use a lower resolution as it is faster at finding the faces
  3. First capture the face with Ctrl-C
  4. Then test if the found face is in the library* using Ctrl-F
    • It will then display the found face & average face reconstructed.


The program keeps crashing after adding faces. Why is it doing this?

Most likely you have not added the correct amount of images. You must add 3 (no more, no less) images of your face for the program to work. Any more or any less and the program will throw an exception.



When talking about library, I am stating that the image library of the faces must be preset with your face to be 'recognized' by the software. The image must follow the format of the faces to be searched for the program to work correctly.


When talking about Viola-Jones I am referencing the method of Viola-Jones.
Wiki Slides-shortened

Eigen Faces

The face finder method used is based on the paper found here.
EigenFaces paper


MIT License

Note: The Viola-Jones library used can be found here under Accord-Vision.

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