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Open-source project collaboration software, available online for free. Inspired by Basecamp, Yammer, Twitter.

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Collaboration just got better

Teambox is project management software built on Ruby on Rails with a focus on collaboration.

Teambox workflow is project-centered; each project being visible only to people invited to it. Projects have a status wall, conversations, tasks, shared pages and file uploads. You can even post to everywhere just using email.


This repository is for Teambox v3. is running v4, which is a cloud-only service, not available for download.

If you would like to host your own instance of Teambox v4, get in touch with us.

You can try Teambox online for free to see how it works.

Project info


Hop to our wiki to get detailed information on installing Teambox.

Thanks to the many Ruby projects we're using and the Famfamfam icon collection.

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