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Data preprocessing and analysis for our Federer story
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Roger Federer: 20 Years – 20 Titles

Preliminary Remarks

This document illustrates the analysis of the article 20 years, 20 titles on

SRF Data attaches great importance to transparent and reproducible data preprocessing and -analysis. SRF Data believes in the principles of open data but also open and reproducible methods. Third parties should be empowered to build on the work of SRF Data and to generate new analyses and applications.

R-Script & Processed Data

The analysis of the data was conducted in the R project for statistical computing. The RMarkdown script used to generate this document and all the resulting data can be downloaded under this link. Through executing analysis.Rmd, the herein described process can be reproduced and this document can be generated. In the course of this, data from the folder ìnput will be processed and results will be written into output.

R version 3.4.2 is used. If the code does not work, it is very likely that an older R version is installed. If an error occures it sometimes helps to execute the script several times. Particularly in the case of package installation problems it could be helpful to restart the R session and execute the code over again. If necessary, third party libraries like libgdal-dev have to be installed.


Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
2018-01-roger-federer by SRF Data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Other Projects

All code & data from SRF Data are available under

Exclusion of Liability

The published information has been collated carefully, but no guarantee is offered of its completeness, correctness or up-to-date nature. No liability is accepted for damage or loss incurred from the use of this script or the information drawn from it. This exclusion of liability also applies to third-party content that is accessible via this offer.

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