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go -- quick directory switching

Home            :
License         : MIT (see LICENSE.txt)
Platforms       : Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix
Current Version : 1.2.1
Dev Status      : mature
Requirements    : Python >= 2.4 (

Why go?

go is a small command for changing directories quickly. Typically you have a set of directories that you work in. Typing out the names of those dirs in full can be tedious. go allows you to give a shortcut name for a directory, say ko for D:\trentm\main\Apps\Komodo-devel, and do the following:

C:\> go ko


C:\> go ko/test

Think of it as a super cd.

go is free (MIT License). Please send any feedback to Trent Mick.

Install Notes

Download the latest (1) go source package, (2) unzip it, (3) run python install in the unzipped directory, and (4) run go-setup (or python -m go) to setup the shell driver:

cd go-1.2.1
python install
go-setup   # to setup shell integration

If your install fails then please visit the Troubleshooting FAQ.

Getting Started

The most common things you'll do with go are adding new shortcuts:

[~/Library/Application Support/Komodo]$ go -a koappdata

listing the shortcuts you've created:

[~]$ go --list
                    Go Shortcuts

Default shortcuts:
  .                     .
  ..                    ..
  ...                   ../..
  tmp                   /tmp
  ~                     /Users/trentm

Custom shortcuts:
  cgi-bin               /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables
  koappdata             /Users/trentm/Library/Application Support/Komodo
  pyinstall             /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6
  staging               /Users/trentm/Sites/staging
  www                   /Users/trentm/Sites

and switching to directories using those shortcuts:

[~]$ go pyinstall
[/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6]$ go www

Run go --help for full usage details or just take a look at the ``` script.

$ go --help
Quick directory changing.

    go <shortcut>[/sub/dir/path]    # change directories
                                    # same as "go -c ..."
    go -c|-o|-a|-d|-s ...           # cd, open, add, delete, set
    go --list [<pattern>]           # list matching shortcuts

    -h, --help                      print this help and exit
    -V, --version                   print verion info and exit

    -c, --cd <path>                 cd to shortcut path in shell
    -s, --set <shortcut> <dir>      set a shortcut to <dir>
    -a, --add-current <shortcut>    add shortcut to current directory
    -d, --delete <shortcut>         delete the named shortcut
    -o, --open <path>               open the given shortcut path in
                                    explorer (Windows only)
    -l, --list [<pattern>]          list current shortcuts

Generally you have a set of directories that you commonly visit.
Typing these paths in full can be a pain. This script allows one to
define a set of directory shortcuts to be able to quickly change to
them. For example, I could define 'ko' to represent
"D:\trentm\main\Apps\Komodo-devel", then
    C:\> go ko
    C:\> go ko/test

As well, you can always use some standard shortcuts, such as '~'
(home) and '...' (up two dirs).

See <> for more information.
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