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@srid srid released this 09 May 16:02
· 1191 commits to master since this release
  • Notable changes
    • More convenient links; <foobar> instead of [foobar](z:/) (#59)
    • Hierarchical tags, with tag pattern in zquery (#115)
    • Change default ID generation to use random hash (#151)
      • Add date field to Markdown metadata
    • Added neuron query to query the Zettelkasten and get JSON output (#42)
  • CLI argument parsing revamp
    • Zettelkasten directory is now provided via the -d argument.
      • Its default, ~/zettelkasten, is used when not specified.
      • This directory must exist, otherwise neuron will error out.
    • The output directory is now moved to .neuron/output
    • neuron ... rib serve is now neuron rib -wS.
  • CLI changes:
    • Full text search: neuron search --full-text
    • #43: Add neuron search -e to open the matching zettel in $EDITOR
    • Allow customizing output directory
    • Added neuron open to open the locally generated Zettelkasten site.
    • #107: Add full path to the zettel in neuron query JSON
  • Web interface:
    • Custom themes for web interface
    • Display all backlinks to a zettel (even those not in category tree) (#34)
    • Simplified link style (#151)
    • Client-side web search (#90)
    • Add JSON-LD breadcrumbs (#147)
    • Add query to display tag tree (#121)
    • Custom alias redirects
    • Tags are restyled and positioned below
    • Produce compact CSS in HTML head
    • #24: zquery is displayed in HTML view.
    • #100: Tables are styled nicely using Semantic UI
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix regression in neuron library use
    • #130: Handle links inside blockquotes