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@srid srid released this 08 Oct 20:14
· 588 commits to master since this release

Blog post:

  • Updates
    • Bump commonmark, commonmark-extensions (0.2)
    • Skylighting 0.9 (pure Haskell syntax highlighting)
  • Web Interface
    • Styling fixes
      • Fix incorrect body font (esp. on Windows)
      • Fix task list checkbox styling (#233)
      • Use superscript for folgezettel link suffix (#346)
    • Fix missing clusters in z-index on some cyclic graphs (#357)
    • Update Fomantic UI to 2.8.7
    • Allow custom HTML snippet in <head> (#385)
    • Group orphan zettels in z-index (#380)
    • Fix footnote alignment on Firefox (#398)
    • Hide footnote refs from search result preview (#326)
    • Backlinks improvements
      • Backlinks panel now displays all kinds of backlinks (includig uplinks) for sake of completion.
  • Zettel format
    • Wiki-style links: instead of <foo> you can now use [[[foo]]]; and instead of <foo?cf>, you can use [[foo]]. (#351)
    • Support regular markdown links (#366)
    • Allow title as Zettel IDs (#399)
    • Drop support for legacy links (#366)
    • Allow specifying time in the date metadata propery (#343)
    • Add unlisted metadata property to hide a zettel from z-index (#318)
    • Markdown:
    • Allow dot in Zettel ID (#369)
    • Drop support for legacy date IDs (#368)
    • Add bracked_spans extension (#406)
  • CLI
    • Faster querying: add --cached option to neuron query, to run faster using the cache. To keep the cache up to date, make sure that neuron rib is running.
    • Add --id and --search options to open command to open given zettel ID or search page respectively (#317)
    • Use current directory as the default value for -d (a la. git) (#389)
    • Adapt neuron new for title IDs (#408)
    • neuron search: fail if org is enabled, unless --full-text is used. (#420)
  • Static binaries
  • Unicode-aware in filenames and links (#424)