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Dieter precompile - a leiningen plugin

A leiningen plugin for precompiling assets using Dieter, similar to Rails' rake asset-precompile.


In :dev-dependencies, add:

[lein-dieter-precompile "0.1"]



lein dieter-precompile

and that's all. Unless you changed dieter's default settings, in which case you must tell lein-dieter-precompile where to find the settings for your project. In which case, add :dieter-options to your project.clj file. There are a few options for expression :dieter-options:

A string containing the name of a var in your project, where the var is expected to hold the dieter-options map:

:dieter-options "circle.http.assets/dieter-options"

A string containing the name of a function in your project, where the function returns a dieter-optinos map:

:dieter-options "circle.http.assets/dieter-options-fn"

A map containing the dieter options

:dieter-options {:production true}