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A quick notetaking plugin for vim.

It offers a way of managing notes similar to the one in tools like Notational Velocity: file management is removed from the notetaking workflow, and creation and searching of notes can be done using the same interface. File management is abstracted and replaced by searching and sorting facilities. Notes handled by vim-pad are free-form: the plugin doesn't impose any format, and has utilities to handle notes in several formats. You can use it along other notetaking plugins for vim.

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  • master contains the released version of the plugin.

  • devel contains the development version of the plugin.

Pull requests are to be done over devel. When submitting a bug, please tag the affected versions.

Configuration and Usage

IMPORTANT: you must set the g:pad_dir variable to a valid path. It is recommended to use an empty folder for this.

For the full documentation, please consult

:help vim-pad
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