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A nodejs parser to convert goodreads data csv to json
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Goodreads-parser will help you to convert Goodreads csv to json.


  • node > 8


Install all the node dependencies by

node i


Download your goodreads_library_export.csv from goodread profile

To import or export your books, go to My Books, then click on Import and export under Tools on the left.

goodreads export books

To Export your books to a .csv file, click on the Export Library button at the top of the screen, below the Export heading, then wait for the file to generate. This may take some time if you have a large library. If successful, you will see a Your export from (date) - (time) note below the button. Click on that text to download the csv file.

Screenshot 2019-06-07 at 4 30 11 PM

Source How do I import or export my books?

Now, run the script

node index.js
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