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Stencil - Simple code templating for Go

Stencil generates specialized versions of Go packages by replacing types. This is a prototype of this proposal. It will have bugs and only supports a subset of the features in the proposal.

Given a package with an interface A, stencil can generate a new package with all uses of A replaced by int (or any other type). The generated package is stored in the closest vendor directory of the repo. If no such directory exists, one is created.


Download stencil using

go get -u

Install with

go install


Detailed documentation is at GoDoc

Example Walkthrough

Install stencil as shown above. Then create a package to act as a stencil. Let's create a generic Sum method.

Create $GOPATH/src/example/stencil/math/math.go (or a package of your choice) containing

package math

func Sum(n...float64) float64 {
    var r float64
    for _, v := range n {
        r += v
    return r

Now use it to compute the sum of ints by using stencil to replace float64 with int.

Create $GOPATH/src/example/usestencil/main.go (or another package of your choice) containing

package main

//go:generate stencil
import (
    int_math "example/stencil/math/float64/int"

// PrintIntSum prints the sum of all elements of v to stdout.
func main() {
    ints := []int{1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
    fmt.Println("Sum of", v, "=", int_math.Sum(ints...))

Now run

 # Or the path to the main package you created
 cd $GOPATH/src/example/usestencil/ 

and then

go generate

Take a look at $GOPATH/src/example/usestencil/. It will have a vendor directory with a specialised version of example/stencil/math. You can now build and run the example with

go run main.go


A few useful packages that lend themselves to being used with stencil.

  • - Max, Min and Sum for numbers. GoDoc
  • - Slice utilities. GoDoc


Stencil is available under the Apache License. See the LICENSE file for details.


Pull requests are always welcome! Please ensure any changes you send have an accompanying test case.


Simple code templating for Go




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