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Source code of the android app that stops charging at a desired level.

For more info:

Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play

Since version 0.7, the charging limit can be set using Intents. There are two ways for doing so:

  • Using an Intent to Broadcast a message of action "com.slash.batterychargelimit.CHANGE_LIMIT", supplying the percentage by the Intent extra "android.intent.extra.TEXT" (Intent.EXTRA_TEXT). For example in Tasker, the extra could look like android.intent.extra.TEXT:80 to set the limit to 80%. This is technically more clean and therefore recommended!
  • Starting Activity com.slash.batterychargelimit.LimitChangeActivity with a ACTION_SEND intent, using MIME type "text/x-battery-limit" and supplying the percentage as String with Intent extra "android.intent.extra.TEXT" (Intent.EXTRA_TEXT). This will cause the receiving Activity to pop up for a short moment. The Intent should be provided with FLAG_ACTIVITY_NO_HISTORY, otherwise the main activity of this app will become the foreground Activity after sending the Intent.