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README is a VERY SIMPLE class written in python that resolves captchas

If you like this library and you don't have an account yet at,
please, use my referer link: 


so you will help me to test future versions of this library.

The use is VERY simple

1) first you need to initialize CaptchaTrader with your own data:

    a = CaptchaTrader("Username", "Password", "API_KEY")

2) Now you can use its functions

    print a.getCredits()
    response = a.submitURL("")
    print "Ticket: ", response[0]
    print "CAPTCHA: ", response[1]

Other examples:

    response = a.submitFilePath("/tmp/filetest.png")
    response = a.submit(open("/tmp/filetest.png", "rb").read().encode("base64"))

Methods avaiable in this version:

 - submitURL: Downloads the URL, encodes to base64 and then submits it
 - submitFilePath: Encodes the file to base64 and then submits it
 - submit: Simply sumbit a base64 string
 - getCredits: Get account credits
 - respond: Gives feedback about the submission: Correct or incorrect