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Practical JavaScript Compiler


Language Features

  • Lists
    • Runtime
    • Normal implementation
    • Thinking of making it a C type array with only one type of element
  • Error productions:
    • Declaration statments without a semicolon
    • Empty statements
  • Register Allocation:
    • Remove redundancy as both caller and callee are flushing registers.
    • Make use of dirty bit
    • Update flushtemporary and flsuh registers to make used of function name and dirty bit
    • Use nextReg heuristic
  • Arguments of functions
    • Make use of the number of parameters
    • Replace with arguments array
    • At function call time, we know the number of parameters passed


  • Code Motion
  • Common Sub expression removal


Language Specification

Unique Stuff

  • Breaks and continues don't signal errors, but they are silently removed
  • The idea of callbacks:
    • Callbacks are the pascal equivalent of procedures.
    • They don't return values and hence cannot be used in expressions.
    • Callbacks can be passed to functions.
    • Callbacks can be returned from functions.
  • Typing
    • Strongly typed.
    • Parameters are not type checked.
  • Functions
    • Not hoisted, you have to define them before using them.
    • No closures
    • The number of parameters is not checked
    • Type Hinting: The types of function parameters needs to be hinted
  • Strings defined using double quotes are constants
  • Blocks must have curly braces
  • Scoping
    • Lexical Scoping
    • Function is the fundamental unit of scope

Features not implemented

  • Data types:
    • Only one number type: Integers
    • Objects
    • No NaN, INFINITY and NULL
  • Language Constructs
    • Ternary Operator
    • with
    • do while
    • switch case
    • RegEx
    • try, catch, finally and throw
    • for
    • SIAF
  • OOP features of ES5.1
    • new
    • this
    • instanceof
    • delete
  • Bitwise Operations and operators
    - & | ^ ~ >> << >>>
    - &= |= ^= >>= <<= >>>=
  • Unused keywords
    • class
    • const
    • extends
    • field
    • final
    • import
    • package
    • private
    • protected
    • public
    • super
  • Library routines are not implemented.
    • OOP features are not implemented because it is a library feature.
  • Type coercion
    • '+' does not change type to string
    • '!' does not change type to string, it can be only used on boolean operators
    • expression are not automatically converted to boolean in case of logical expressions

Warts of the language

  • eval
  • Semicolon insertion
  • comma at the end of arrays and objects
  • '==' and '===' mean the same thing, strict checking
  • '!=' and '!==' mean the same thing, strict checking
  • '++' and '--' are not supported


First Meeting

  • All lists are of a fixed size.
  • No need of an input, a main will do the initializations
  • anonymous function can be handled by giving out unique names
  • new can be handled using sbreak.
  • eval is left for the end: Done using the runtime
  • Handling exceptions using a runtime object.
  • overloading is left for the end:
  • The concept of an event loop as in Node?
  • A runtime library for lists, hasmaps and inheritance.

Technical Specifications

  • Version : EC5.1
  • Target : SPIM
  • Lexer Generator : PLY
  • Parser Generator : PLY
  • Implementation : Python


  • Python 2.7 and higher
  • ply


  • JSlexer defines a debug instance and a lexer instance.
  • parser defines a ST, TAC and parser instance.
  • runTime define a RTC which uses all of the above.


  • run make
  • ./runTime.py