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kafka-connect-jmx collects JMX metrics , convert it to a readable JSON and push to kafka. This connector can connect any JMX enabled services.

  • To collect JMX metrics for kafka , then just specify in the configuration. The connector will automatically collect all kafka brokers and JMX port registered in zookeeper and use it for metrics collection.

  • If you are collecting metrics other than kafka, then you have to specify all JMX urls in jmx.url separated by comma.


  • Name of the connector name=jmx-source
  • Connector class to invoke the connector connector.class=com.sree.kafka.connectors.jmx.JmxConnector
  • Maximum number of tasks tasks.max=1
  • Kafka topic to push the messages kafka.topic=jmx-test
  • JMX is running for which application ? If you want JMX metrics for Kafka , then jmx.servicename=kafka. If you want JMX metrics for Flink , then jmx.servicename=flink etc.. This configuration helps you group the metrics coming from different JMX services.
  • If jmx.servicename is kafka , then you have to provide, else parameter is not required.
  • If jmx.servicename is not kafka , then below property is mandatory. Provide the full JMX URL separated by comma jmx.url=,

  • Advanced Configurations

    • JMX username jmx.username=test
    • JMX password jmx.password=test
    • Wait time out jmx.wait_timeout=3000
    • Fetch time out jmx.fetch_timeout=3000
    • RMI connect time out rmi.connect_timeout=3000
    • RMI handshake time out rmi.handshake_timeout=3000
    • RMI response time out rmi.response_timeout=3000

Sample Output

JMX connector outputs a flattend JSON like below.

  • metric_servicename to identify the jmx configured service.
  • metric_group is the JMX metrics group.
  • metric_type , is the JMX metrics type under the group.
  • All other JMX attributes are prefixed with value of metric_servicename_metric_group

Note : If you need a JSON format other than listed below, you can modify JmxClient class's getMetricsFromMbean method.

  "kafka_network_ResponseQueueTimeMs_99thPercentile": "0.0",
  "kafka_network_ResponseQueueTimeMs_98thPercentile": "0.0",
  "kafka_network_ResponseQueueTimeMs_Max": "0.0",
  "metric_servicename": "kafka",
  "metric_request": "SaslHandshake",
  "kafka_network_ResponseQueueTimeMs_Count": "0",
  "kafka_network_ResponseQueueTimeMs_StdDev": "0.0",
  "metric_group": "",
  "kafka_network_ResponseQueueTimeMs_999thPercentile": "0.0",
  "kafka_network_ResponseQueueTimeMs_50thPercentile": "0.0",
  "kafka_network_ResponseQueueTimeMs_Min": "0.0",
  "metric_type": "RequestMetrics",
  "kafka_network_ResponseQueueTimeMs_95thPercentile": "0.0",
  "kafka_network_ResponseQueueTimeMs_75thPercentile": "0.0",
  "kafka_network_ResponseQueueTimeMs_Mean": "0.0"


Using Maven , mvn clean install


Apache License 2 -