Guard callback errors by emitting a statusCode and don't bother any longer.
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Express Status Guard

Inspirated by Haskells monad guards, this middleware frees you from the burden of repetitive error handling in your callbacks and lets you focus on your business logic.

Just app.use(guard()).

Before (err, data) {
  if (err) return res.send(500);, function (err, data2, data3) {
    if (err) return res.status(500).send('Uh! Fail.');, data3, function (err, data4) {
      if (err) return res.status(500).json({error: 'meeh'});
      res.json({result: data4});

After, function (data) {, res.guard(500, 'Uh! Fail.', function (data2, data3) {, data3, res.guard(500, {error: 'meeh'}, function (data4) {
      res.json({result: data4});