Apigee Proxy to help understand and try out OAuth 2.0 RFC 6749
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OAuth 2.0 (RFC 6749) Apigee Proxies

Apigee Proxy to help understand and try out OAuth 2.0 RFC 6749.

I created these proxies in the process of understanding OAuth 2.0. The RFC 6749 provides infromation about various endpoints involved; expected request and responses for each of the API calls. It is good to try out these API to get good hold on the whole OAuth 2.0 Protocol.

Apigee Edge provides a very easy way to experience OAuth 2.0 - hence this proxy!

Usage Guidelines

Apigee Environment Setup

  • Get a free Apigee Edge Account
  • Create an new API Proxy using the bundle file oauth20_proxy.zip.
  • Create an Product, Developer, Developer App in Apigee. Sample JSON defintions of these are provided in the org_data directory
  • Add the proxy to the product created in previous step.
  • Now all the server side setup is done!

Chrome Postman Setup

  • oauth20_rfc_postman.json is a postman collection JSON that can imported into postman.
  • Collection contains the APIs described in the OAuth 2.0 RFC.
  • Customize the values in it and try out the APIs.

More Info

And i wrote this using LightPaper - love this markdown editor!