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YUI 3.0.0 PR2
This is the second preview release of the components in development for YUI 3.0.0.
This is not production quality software. It is an early distribution to allow the
team can get community feedback on the direction we are taking in the development
of the next major revision to the library.
There are several new additions in this release.
PR2 includes the debut of the Widget infrastructure for 3.0.0. There are also several
components that make use of Widget: Overlay, Slider, and Console.
The Plugin Infrastructure has also been included in PR2 along with the MenuNav Node Plugin.
In addition, the PR2 release includes updated versions of the YUI Test and Profiler tools
that are included with the 2.x YUI Library, along with a new Console widget that can be
used for the display of log information.
This release also includes updates to Event, IO, and Node, along with bug fixes in all
of the components previously released as part of YUI 3.0.0 PR1.
The YUI 3.x website is located at You will find
more detailed documentation of these components there as well as number of examples
demonstrating their use.
Please take some time to review the new design and experiment with these new libraries.
We want to hear your feedback. A new developer forum has been initiated for discussions
on YUI 3.0.0. Please join us in the forum titled yui3 at to post
any questions and review other developers' progress as they begin to explore the preview
release. Should you find bugs or have feature requests, please add them to our bug
repository on SourceForge following the standard bug-reporting procedure outlined at . Please remember to set the
Group field in your bug report so that we can correctly review the item against the
correct version of the sources.