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from winazurestorage import *
import base64
import sys
def do_blob_tests(account, key):
'''Expected output:
Starting blob tests
create_container: 201
put_blob: 201
get_blob: Hello, World!
delete_container: 202
print "Starting blob tests"
if account is None or key is None: blobs = BlobStorage()
else: blobs = BlobStorage(CLOUD_BLOB_HOST, account, key)
print "\tcreate_container: %d" % blobs.create_container("testcontainer", True)
print "\tput_blob: %d" % blobs.put_blob("testcontainer", "testblob.txt", "Hello, World!")
print "\tget_blob: %s" % blobs.get_blob("testcontainer", "testblob.txt")
print "\tput_block: %d" % blobs.put_block("testcontainer", "testblob.txt", base64.encodestring('foobar'), 'something')
print "\tdelete_container: %d" % blobs.delete_container("testcontainer")
print "Done."
def do_table_tests(account, key):
if account is None or key is None:
print "Skipping table tests, since no account and key were passed on the command line."
print "Starting table tests"
tables = TableStorage(CLOUD_TABLE_HOST, account, key)
print "\tcreate_table: %d" % tables.create_table("testtable")
print "\tget_all: %d" % len(tables.get_all("testtable"))
print "\tdelete_table: %d" % tables.delete_table("testtable")
print "Done"
def do_queue_tests(account, key):
print "Starting queue tests"
if account is None or key is None: queues = QueueStorage()
else: queues = QueueStorage(CLOUD_QUEUE_HOST, account, key)
print "\tcreate_queue: %d" % queues.create_queue("testqueue")
print "\tput_message: %d" % queues.put_message("testqueue", "hello world")
msg = queues.get_message("testqueue")
print "\tget_message: %s" % msg.text
print "\tdelete_message: %s" % queues.delete_message("testqueue", msg)
print "\tdelete_queue: %d" % queues.delete_queue("testqueue")
print "Done"
def run_tests(account, key):
do_blob_tests(account, key)
do_table_tests(account, key)
do_queue_tests(account, key)
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) > 2:
run_tests(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])
run_tests(None, None)
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