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Gerrit newcomer bot for Wikimedia Foundation’s Gerrit code collaboration tool.

It helps DevRel’s in two ways – providing a solution to welcome newcomers and adding a process to query newcomer patches. It typically does two things:

  1. Add a reviewer (“Welcome, new contributor!”) to a patch submitted by a first time contributor and upload a welcome message in a comment
  2. Add contributors with five patches submitted only to a group called “Newcomers”. Then to query patches in Gerrit, you fetch by typing in the search terms:


$ git clone 
$ cd gerrit-newcomer-bot
$ pip3 install -r requirements
Copy gerrit.conf.example as gerrit.conf and enter your details
Drop your SSH host key in the project folder (name it as: ssh-host-key)
$ python3

For testing

  1. Register for an account on the test instance of Wikimedia's Gerrit. To register, you will have to sign up here to obtain the credentials
  2. Add your SSH keys to Gerrit
  3. While the script is running in the background, clone a test repo and make some changes to it example repository
  4. To push changes to Gerrit: git push origin HEAD:refs/for/<branch-name>
  5. See the magic in action!

Note: If you want to use a different reviewer bot and not Welcome, new contributor!, you will have to create one using the same process as in Step 1.

For production

The bot is hosted here on Wikimedia's Toolforge: To make changes:

$ ssh
$ become gerrit-newcomer-bot
$ cd /www/python/src