"Getting started" project for Clojure/West's Cascalog Course.
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Clojure/West Cascalog Class Setup

This is a barebones Cascalog project, designed to test your Leiningen setup before we get started on Tuesday.


This project contains a Cascalog implementation of wordcount (in src/cascalog_class/core.clj) and a test of the wordcount query (in test/cascalog_class/core_test.clj). Before Tuesday's class, I'd like to make sure that everyone can successfully set up this Leiningen project and get the tests passing.

To download the project's dependencies, run the following:

lein deps

The wordcount test is written using the excellent Midje testing library for Clojure, with a little help from my midje-cascalog library. This project includes Midje's Leiningen plugin as a dev dependency, allowing us to run the tests from the shell with a single command:

lein midje

Go ahead and type that in. You should see the following output:

All claimed facts (1) have been confirmed. 

That's it! Please let me know if you have any issues. I'll being sending you all a project full of example code and problems around Monday. In the meantime, if you're hungry to start learning more, I recommend taking a look at the Cascalog Wiki.