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I've made some changes in the feature/edb2 branch to make this repo work for me.


Open issues


Apparently Openjdk isn't an option, since I'm getting an VersionMismatchException when loading my ElephantDB shards. The shards were generated with my Mac java sun jdk... and EMR also has this version I believe.

I'll try to update the recipe with the previous java version or one compatible with EMR and my Mac at least


My previous comment is incorrect. It is a version mismatch between a dependency of 0.2.0 vs a dependency of 0.2.0-wip4:

[com.sleepycat/je 4.1.10] vs [com.sleepycat/je 5.0.34]

So openjdk might work. I'm still not able to get data from a client and I don't see where Elephantdb stores the downloaded shards (I saw in the logs that it did start downloading)

jeroenvandijk added some commits Jan 2, 2013
@jeroenvandijk jeroenvandijk Use the latest version of Elephantdb 684ebe5
@jeroenvandijk jeroenvandijk Update AMI version.
The 10.10 Ubuntu repo is no longer available. 
Thanks to nathanmarz/storm-deploy#19
@jeroenvandijk jeroenvandijk Fix for leiningen 2 use `lein class path`
Leiningen 2 is now the default version. This version
doesn't add jars to the lib folder so just use
`lein class path` instead
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