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Added documentation for --skip-target option.

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@@ -154,6 +154,12 @@ Order of time of detected silence that is to be skipped.
A level of 0 only skips the 0.5s,
a level 0.5 skips about the square root of the silence,
a level of 1 skips all of the silence (default: 0.75).
.IP "--skip-target [n]"
Try to adapt given parameters of level and order to achieve the given
fraction of length. A parameter of 0.9 will try to reduce the file
to 90% of its size. Note, that the result will sound less acceptible
as soon as all silence space was used up. The algorithm iterates to
the target size, and is therefore only suitable for small files.
.IP --no-skip
Do not skip any content
.IP --noise

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