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A simple asdf plugin for cmake
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CMake plugin for asdf version manager



The plugin can be install using the following command.

asdf plugin-add cmake
asdf install cmake <version>


If you have Qt installed on your machine you can get the cmake-gui program built by providing the path to the Qt binary directory in the QTBINDIR environment variable when invoking asdf install cmake.

For instance, on a Mac with Qt installed using brew that would be :

QTBINDIR=/usr/local/opt/qt/bin asdf install cmake <version>

.tool-versions file

You can specify the version to install with a line like so in your .tool-versions file: cmake

Using the CLI

You can then set the local/global version to your new version with asdf local cmake <version> or asdf global cmake <version>.


Check asdf readme for instructions on how to install & manage versions of CMake.

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