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PROCESS: build/ is the executable build file. It takes three parameters:

  • Site: the url of the site you are building. This corresponds to the build/subdirectory name
  • Install profile: local, dev, stg, test, production, etc. This corresponds to the build/{site}/{deployment} filename. Do not include "".
  • DB Password: For security's sake, the DB password is not committed to git. You must enter it manually.

So, for example, the command to run a local build would be:

sudo ./ local dbpass

First, build/ grabs settings from build/{site}/{deployment}

build/ then runs a series of commands to create a file structure in {output_dir}/tmp. It then runs drush make, invoking the site-specific build/{site}/site.make file.

build/{site}/site.make invokes the build/install.make file, downloading pressflow, common modules, libraries, and base theme, installing them in {output_dir}/tmp/

build/{site}/site.make then also has the ability to override/add to the presets in the platform build/install.make file.

build/ copies platform-level modules and themes into {output_dir}/tmp/sites/default/

build/ then creates site directories at {output_dir}/tmp/sites/{site}, symlinks {output_dir}/tmp/sites/{site} to the uploaded_files directory, and copies site-level custom site modules and themes directory into {output_dir}/tmp/sites/{site}.

Next, build/ copies the settings.php file from sites/{site}/settings.php, and does a search&replace on specific terms

build/ then invokes build/{site}/, which will allow for site-specific additional directories, or other custom build scripts. A good example would be creating the symlink to a forums directory.

Finally, build/ moves from {output_dir}/tmp to {output_dir}/{site}.

|  |--install.make (platform-level drush make file)
|  | (platform-level build script; this is the one you run)
|  \
|     | (local environment config file)
|     | (stg environment config file)
|     | (production environment config file)
|     |--site.make (site-level drush make file)
|     \ (site-level build script)
|  |--httpdocs (platform-level html/script files, for in the root directory)
|  |--modules  (platform-level custom modules)
|  \--themes   (platform-level custom themes)
|  \
|     |--httpdocs (site-level html/script files, for in the root directory)
|     |--modules  (site-level custom modules)
|     |--settings.php (site-level settings.php template)
|     \--themes   (site-level custom themes)


cd build
./ local dbpass

That's it!