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Version History

Scott Kirkland edited this page Feb 4, 2016 · 24 revisions

Version History with support for MVC 5

  • Version 5.0 now supports MVC5
  • Compiled against ASP.NET 4.5 and the newest Data Annotation lib
  • Fixed conflicting validators including the Date and Number validators
  • Fixed Min/Max validators which actually work now
  • Fixed File Extension validator since jquery validation doesn't natively check extensions anymore (and 1.1.1)

  • New package DataAnnotationsExtensions.MVC which will track the MVC major version (so DataAnnotationsExtensions.MVC. is for MVC3).
  • Fixes some existing minor issues around checking very large integers, validating email addresses and URL Handling

[Pull Request #35] More Url options for UrlAttribute. You can now choose UrlOptions.RequireProtocol (default), OptionalProtocol, or DisallowProtocol [Pull Request #37] FileExtension validation now works on posted type HttpPostedFileBase New Expressions.cs class for common regular expressions (currently just Cuit, but Us/Uk zip code coming)

[Issue #31] Enabled spaces in credit card number validation Add Symbol Packages to Symbol Server

[Pull Request #29] Added Uri validation support for the Url validator

[Issue #22] Url with uppercase characters are now considered valid

[Pull Request #9] Added Cuit validator for validating Argentinian CUIT (Código Unico de Identificacion Tributaria) codes.

[Pull Request #8] Added overload to the Url attribute so you can specify if the protocol is required.

[Issue #11] Added validator for 4 digit year (ex: 2011, 1999).

Assembly now strong-signed

[Issue #7] Changed server-side DigitsAttribute to support long sequences of digits

[Issue #6] Numeric client validator will be changed to use regex so it doesn't conflict with MVC's number client validator

[Issue #5] Credit Card validation attribute improved to not accept a series of dashes (jquery validation would still pass)

Moving to implicit license acceptance

[Issue #4] Fixed the NuGet package to adapt to a change in the WebActivator API.

[Issue #3] Use of the [Display] attribute to overwrite property names now supported server and client side on the EqualTo attribute.

Server-side parsing of Dates and Numbers now use CurrentCulture.

Added ability to use Resource Files to customize error messages. Updated the WebActivator (inside the NuGet package) to follow a new convention.

Initial release of Data Annotations Extensions

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