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Basic test of ES402 Intl object in Javascript.
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This is a very, very, very basic test of es402

What is this?

This tests basic sanity in an ECMA-402 intl implementation.

For a complete test, see test262 (and on GitHub) which is maintained by Ecma TC39.

Why does this exist?

This file is part of my Node.JS ICU enablement work and is under the same license.

How do I use it?

With node.js:

  • node btest402.js

With d8:

  • d8 btest402.js

With your browser:

  • copy and paste the btest402.js file into your browser's console? that kind of works.


With the ECMA-402 shim:

  • first, go get and install bower
  • then, run bower install ecma402 (or similar, see the ECMA-402 shim repo)
  • now, bring up viabower.html and bring up your console.

What do the results mean?

I'm just going to describe the SUMMARY results here (the last line printed). The rest of the output is more verbose and even more subject to change.


  • You don't (even) have the Intl object needed for ES402 compliance.

SUMMARY: Have Intl, Date:no 'tlh',

  • You probably have a 'reasonably complete' set of locale data. At least what this test tests so far..

SUMMARY: ... FYI: v8Brk:have 'en'

  • ... you even have the Intl.v8BreakIterator extension, which isn't part of ES402. Just FYI.

SUMMARY:Have Intl, Date:no 'tlh', Date:'mt'=='en', Date:no 'ja',

  • Ah.. You probably have the "small ICU" option I'm busy trying to get into node. English (at least.. American English) will work. But, hey, you've got a smaller binary size!

Who wrote it

Steven R. Loomis < srl AT icu-project DOT org >

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